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February 2, 2018


Our longtime partner AluminTechno continues to update the lighting system. Another room in which it was necessary to replace obsolete MGL-400 lamps is the mechanical section of the pressing (extrusion) workshop. The current illumination did not suit the employees of the company, since it was at the level of 50-100 lux. We were given the task of increasing the illumination up to 300-400 lux and at the same time reducing the power of the lamps.


Create comfortable lighting for employees, eliminate glare on aluminum profiles, reduce lighting costs by at least three times. For these tasks, ledz engineers recommended e-Industry luminaires.

  • Strategy

    Illumination increased by 4 times, lighting costs decreased by 24%.

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Luminaire advantages

Why is e-Industry better than others?



The housing is protected from
dust and moisture according to the
IP66 standard with flat glass.

With LEDiL lenses or glass,
the luminaire is IP67 protected.


A2 steel

Stainless steel screws
do not rust even in
corrosive environments.

You can install our
luminaire on any object.


and optics

We use modern Novattro
diffusers and glasses
that transmit light well.

Also Finnish LEDiL lenses for
high luminaire applications.



The luminaire body is tested
in thermodynamic plug-ins, which
has improved its heat dissipation.

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