Linear luminaires are the most popular among interior designers today. These models are easy to use, they look stylish and can be painted in any color. The luminaires of the line have an aluminum body, which is easy to install and can be connected in long continuous lines or zigzags. On order from the profile, you can make figured lamps, pentagons, hexagons and the like. Rectangular lamps in our catalog are presented at this link. It is not difficult to buy LED linear lamps. Recently, they have been used in shopping centers and hypermarkets. Our company has already managed to complete many commercial objects, where it replaced outdated fluorescent long lamps with LED ones. It is worth noting that in the presence of shelving, it is more profitable to arrange the lines along the rows. According to the calculations of our ledz engineers, this will allow you to gain 10% of power or save 10% on the purchase of lighting.

Linear LED lamps are produced in Minsk by various companies. These models differ in the quality of components inside and in the quality of assembly. Some of them can literally fall on your head. One of the first was Belintegra DPO Retail, Comet retail, Slim retail, Comet cross. They are housed in sheet metal enclosures and look very simple but still work. After installation, the customer is unlikely to pay attention to the fact that the LEDs in such lamps dim faster than usual. However, they say that there was already a precedent when it was necessary to change the LED bars due to a premature loss of brightness. Aluminum linear LED luminaires are partially free from this disadvantage, since the body removes heat well from the diodes.

Buy LED linear luminaries and lamps in Minsk

When there are so many manufacturers on the market, who to order linear luminaires? To answer this question, we recommend looking at the Belarusian-made ledz e-Line models. The cases are made of high grade aluminum, inside are Samsung LEDs and Czech Luxdator drivers. They have a high luminous efficacy and are tested in the independent laboratory of the Center for Certification of Science of the NAS of Belarus They can easily replace any Belintegra DPO Kometa Retail Slim lamps and will serve you longer. Call us!