One-two companies make phyto-lighting equipment of their own production in Belarus. Our greenhouse lighting ledz e-Fito is built on the basis of high-tech German components of the group of companies Vossloh-Schwabe, which we use. LED lamps for plants ledz e-Fito are an optimal replacement for obsolete lamps with DNT lamps, since the energy saving is 50%, the yield increases in volume and growth rate.

Greenhouse Lighting

Tests were conducted in Germany in greenhouses with cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatoes, roses and salad. These greenhouse lighting for plants showed the highest results and reliability of work. You can buy phyto lights of Belarusian manufacture ledz in our office. We can perform lighting calculations, prepare the project and electrical work. Belarusian greenhouse lamps ledz will serve you long, and the warranty is 5 years and can be extended. Other AtomLight models, Philips, Light technologies, Uniel and other manufacturers can not compete with ours for price, manufacturing quality and response time, as we produce them in Minsk. You can also buy lamps for Chinese plants, but usually they do not work for more than one year.

The e-Fito has the unique ability to fit LEDs in a variety of colors to suit any crop. Tests have shown that a certain shade of light has a positive effect on one plant, and it grows faster and the crop grows. Otherwise, the yield does not grow at best, and decreases at worst. The difficulty in choosing luminaires in this case appears due to the fact that the result of the purchase is stretched over time. You can buy greenhouse plant lights now, and you will only see the result in three to six months. In order to show you the success of our models, we have carried out tests in real conditions. We illuminated different cultures with different spectra of light and saw what the result would be.