Office lighting for the ceilings Armstrong, Grilyato and gypsum cards are produced by the Belarusian factory ledz. We are a manufacturer of office, commercial, industrial, outdoor and many other LED lighting fixtures. LED lamps for the office are assembled from durable materials: LEDs Nichia, OSRAM, Edison, drivers Luxdator, Argos, Meanwell. To illuminate the office was uniform and the LEDs did not blind your employees, we use prismatic polycarbonate Novattro and opal from Mitsubishi Plastics.

Office lighting

Thanks to properly selected components, our recessed office lights will serve you for a long time, unlike the Chinese counterparts. Guarantee for our models for offices from 3 years and above, which will save you some of the funds, because the Chinese panels guarantee about one year. You can buy recessed ceiling fixtures in ledz, our engineers will do the lighting calculation for you, check the illumination standards and accurately select the model and power. We also have overhead ceiling lights 600×600 mm and others. We will help to make your office lights reliable, and your employees will work much more productively.

When choosing lamps for the office, it is important to have complete information about the object, the arrangement of furniture. You need to get the ceiling height and suspension height of the fixtures from the contractor Additionally, the engineer needs to set the required level of illumination in the office. As soon as you pass all the data to the ledz engineer, he will immediately begin to perform the lighting calculation of the office illumination. On average, a full calculation takes one or two days, but if you want to buy armstrong office lamps in Minsk for the entire office, it may take more time. As an option, we can manufacture luminaires with emergency power supply units, with additional moisture protection and even with tempered glass. You can choose any type of installation to make it easier for you to install. Contact ledz, no need to buy Belintegra DVO DPO Standard