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ledz e-Star


Premium e-Star aluminum curved LED luminaires in the shape of a star are used in offices, receptions of hotels and business centers, boutiques, showrooms, shops and any design interiors. The flat plug-in diffuser gently diffuses light, and the luminaire itself has a high luminous efficiency compared to any other counterparts.

Compared to the “profile + tape” version, the e-Star luminaire consumes half the energy with the same illumination thanks to its own developed LED modules. The luminaire body is protected against dust and moisture IP40. Order any lamp power from 29.6 to 394.8 W, beam length from 30 to 300 cm, number of star beams from 3 to 6.

 We work with individuals and legal entities;
 We will complete any delivery on time;
 -10% on the first order for promo first10.


power, W

5 years









lifetime, hrs


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the required components and options.

emergency power
supply unit

painting in
any color





light in any

Description of the luminaire

ledz e-Star LED linear figured luminaires in the shape of a star are used in offices, business centers, hotels, designer interiors of cottages and apartments, showrooms and boutiques. The anodized aluminum case with a square cross-section of the popular 50×50 mm size looks laconic and stylish, and a flat optical polycarbonate diffuser perfectly blurs the luminous points from LEDs. Soft light floods your interior beautifully and eliminates shadows.

The e-Star luminaire is easy to install thanks to a suspension bracket with springs to adjust the suspension height (sold separately). The clips themselves move freely along the entire aluminum profile, so it is very convenient for installers. Inside, a Czech or Italian TCI driver is installed and the ability to adjust the power in a wide range, as well as efficient LED modules of its own design by ledz lighting.

Luminaire versions of e-Star

Thanks to the special design of the aluminum profile, the e-Star luminaire can be easily formed into shapes of any shape. You can assemble parts of the body at any angle, in triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons and any others on request. Experienced assemblers using professional sawing equipment will precisely cut the body parts so that there are no joints between these parts. The bodies are cut, painted and then simply assembled on site into finished luminaires.

We serially produce lamps with a diameter of up to 3 meters, and on request, we can produce a lamp with a diameter of up to 6 meters. Optionally, the enclosures can be entirely painted to order in any RAL color, pasted over with a wood-like film or decorated according to your request. We can also optionally supplement the luminaires with the possibility of remote control via DALI protocols, organize dispatching from computers and mobile devices, or set up a turnkey system.

Luminaire advantages

Why is e-Star better than others?



A reliable Czech or
Italian driver is
installed inside the case.

The second allows you to
change the power at will.



Luminaires installation
is very easy thanks to the
suspension bracket with springs.

It allows you to conveniently
adjust the suspension height.



The screen is made of
flat opal polystyrene
and eliminates glare.

It lets in a lot of light,
but it can also be transparent.



There is no joint between
the body parts – you get
beautiful lines and angles.

Weight 0 kg
Dimensions N/A

aluminum, aluminum anodized


PMMA (matte)




suspension, swiveling, overhead

Color, K

3000, 4000, 5000 К


85, 95 Ra


not less than IP40 or IP65


198-264 V




from 0 to +40°C

For order

If the manufacturer decides to change the characteristics of the product, then he will not notify customers and partners. As soon as you need additional characteristics or documentation, you can request them from your personal manager. If you want to buy luminaires, select the required model in terms of power or luminous flux in the table and tell the manager the article. Articles contain detailed information about the product and its characteristics in their name.

60×4-350 AM, where
60 — length of one beam of the body, cm
4 – the number of rays
350 – LED current, mA
AM – matt diffuser

SKU Watts Lumens Dimensions
30×3-350 AM 29.6 3408 525х455х50
60×3-350 AM 59.1 6819 1010х875х50
90×3-350 AM 88.8 10227 1495х1295х50
120×3-350 AM 118.5 13368 1980х1715х50
150×3-350 AM 148.2 17046 2465х2135х50
30×4-350 AM 39.6 4544 583х583х50
60×4-350 AM 78.8 9092 1143х1143х50
90×4-350 AM 118.4 13636 1703х1703х50
120×4-350 AM 158.0 17824 2263х2263х50
150×4-350 AM 197.6 22728 2823х2823х50
30×5-350 AM 49.5 5680 575х547х50
60×5-350 AM 98.5 11365 1107х1053х50
90×5-350 AM 148.0 17045 1840х1560х50
120×5-350 AM 197.5 22280 2173х2066х50
150×5-350 AM 247.0 28410 2705х2573х50
30×6-350 AM 59.2 6816 593х539х50
60×6-350 AM 118.5 13638 1153х1023х50
90×6-350 AM 177.6 20454 1713х1509х50
120×6-350 AM 237.0 27276 2273х1993х50
150×6-350 AM 296.0 34092 2833х2478х50
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