Trade lights are used in shopping halls of shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, outlets in markets, showrooms, other trade objects. LED trade lighting fixtures for trade are divided into several types for the purpose: linear, track, accent, downlight and design. Trade fixtures are assembled from aluminum profiles, and cheaper and simpler models are made from sheet painted steel. The Belarusian LED trade lighting for shops are mainly assembled from aluminum for reliable cooling of the LEDs, besides the aluminum profile is very strong and self-supporting, while it allows to hang for the case itself and there is no need for an additional fastening.

Trade Lighting

Luminaires for trade from ledz is a stylish and effective solution that is used at many sites (Green, Nika, Bigzz ), and the payback of the project does not exceed 12 months. Our production of ledz is located in Minsk (Belarus), which allows you to quickly deliver the goods to anywhere in the world. Belarusian lights for trade halls of the brand ledz are more profitable than other brands due to the use of reliable and efficient components, you save more and pay less for electricity. Our models in comparison with the Chinese win over the longevity by several times, besides the warranty period for all our equipment is from 5 years, which is much higher than the Chinese models.