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We invite resellers
and environmental organizations
to cooperate.

The production of sorbents for petroleum products Onesorbent is looking for partners. We invite companies that sell oil spill response products for partnership. Thanks to the localization of the production site in Belarus, we managed to reduce the cost of production without reducing the parameters. Sorbents of our production have been tested at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and have confirmed their high parameters.

For example, the oil capacity of the sorbent type A is up to 8 g/g. For diesel it was possible to reach a capacity of up to 4 g/g. We will provide our partners with excellent service, provide managers for operational work with products. Despite the high political risks, we guarantee the delivery of the sorbent within the promised time frame. We work in several proven peat landfills and have continuous access to raw materials all year round. In the spring, when the flood period comes and the harvesting of peat stops, our warehouse is already filled with the harvested raw materials.

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Our sorbents cleanse the planet from petroleum.

Product tested and verified

All peat sorbents have been tested at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and have confirmed their characteristics.

Suitable for every client

The scope of application of peat sorbents is very wide and is rapidly increasing every day, since the requirements of states for the environment are constantly increasing.

Wide product line

We have developed a wide range of products that allow companies to promptly localize and eliminate both minor and major accidents on water and land.

Committed to social good

Make great profit while benefiting the environment.


Production sorbents profitably

The localization of the production of sorbents in Belarus has made it possible to reduce their cost.

That is why we offer our partners favorable prices.


Personal manager
support 16/7

To work with each partner, a manager is appointed, who remains in touch for 16 hours a day.

We work with clients every day and carry out shipments.


Free market promotion consulting

We know our product and know how to analyze the sorbent market, so we will help you with this.

Our tips will help you reach the market faster and start selling.


Oil sorbents delivery exactly on time

We guarantee the delivery of our peat sorbent on time due to the diversification of purchases.

There are also plans to launch the production of sorbents in Lithuania.


Sales manager training and onboarding

Our engineers know the intricacies of the product that will allow you to quickly increase your sales.

We will conduct a series of trainings and strengthen your employees.


Sales and marketing collaterals

We will provide ready-made layouts of catalogs, brochures, brochures and handouts for a quick start.

Partnership application

Please fill in all the fields of this questionnaire with up-to-date data, and we will consider the received application within a week and contact you.

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