Street lights are more often installed on poles along roads, highways and illuminate the roadway, such samples are called console fixtures. In addition, street console fixtures can be used to illuminate adjacent areas, near entrances, for the needs of housing and communal services. LED road lighting fixtures can be completed with lenses to produce a certain amount of light scattering. Now there are many cheap models from Chinese components. Because of unreliable components, these models usually fail in two to three years, and you will have to change them at your own expense.

Street Lighting

The Belarusian factory of luminaires ledz assembles its models only from reliable and proven components, the percentage of production rejection is 0.5% and is gradually decreasing. Choosing between the Chinese inexpensive street and Belarusian, we recommend choosing a more reliable ledz street lights. Overpaying will pay off many times during further exploitation, even though it is not quite obvious when buying. Our Belarusian production is located in Minsk (Republic of Belarus). This is in the center of Europe, which allows you to build convenient logistics chains and quickly deliver street lighting to anywhere in the world.

If you want to buy console lamps, then you should contact ledz. We have been manufacturing products since 2013 and have extensive experience in implementing large projects. Our engineers worked in various fields, including performing lighting calculations and installing street lamps on poles. We supplied poles and cantilever street lighting for the parking lot and the territory of the meat processing plant and pig farms. Recently, models with automation and central control have become popular. This is very convenient for operating organizations when it is necessary to control luminaires over long distances. The system itself will tell you where the driver failed and it will be possible to send an employee there. Call us if you want to buy console lamps with controls