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ledz e-Park


LED park lighting poles e-Park are installed near boutiques, fashionable shopping centers, hotels, modern neighborhoods, parks and cottage developments. The pillars are designed in a simple style and fit modern architectural design. Supplied ready for installation. Various types of optics will allow you to select the desired light pattern.

The body is made of durable steel with a flame-colored paint, which significantly increases the corrosion resistance and can be easily restored if damaged. The support can be painted in any RAL color. The MeanWell driver is protected from overvoltage in the network, and the OSRAM LEDs retain their luminous flux for a long time. Three pole designs are serially produced: e-Park LL, TL, ZL.

 We work with individuals and legal entities;
 We will complete any delivery on time;
 -10% on the first order for promo first10.


power, W

5 years









lifetime, hrs


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the required components and options.




painting in
any color




for support

Luminaire-pole description

LED park lighting poles e-Park have a modern look and high efficiency rates of 164 lm/W thanks to LED modules of our own design and Finnish LEDiL optics. The support is made of durable steel and painted with a gas flame method, which protects the metal from corrosion and is easily restored to its original condition. Installed on a concrete or reinforcing cup to be filled with concrete and secured with nuts.

The design provides easy access for the operating organization due to the special design of the hatch, located at a convenient height, and a special lock will protect against penetration inside. The terminal block installed inside is grounded and additionally protected from corrosion, and the set includes 3M terminal blocks with hydrophobic gel to protect electrical connections from condensation. The driver at the bottom is easily accessible from the hatch and is replaced if necessary, like the LED modules.

Pole options of e-Park
Стильные парковые светодиодные светильники опоры ledz e-Park белорусского производства. Купить декоративные парковые опоры в Москве и Минске. Звоните нам!

LL series

park support luminaire in the shape of
the letter L, shines from one side

Стильные парковые светодиодные светильники опоры ledz e-Park белорусского производства. Купить декоративные парковые опоры в Москве и Минске. Звоните нам!

TL series

park support T-shaped luminaire,
shines in two directions

Стильные парковые светильники опоры ledz e-Park собственного производства. Купить декоративные парковые опоры в Москве и Минске. Звоните нам!

ZL series

park support luminaire in the shape of
the letter Z, shines in two directions

The e-Park decorative park pole has a wide power range from 26 to 228 W and various options. You can find a light fixture for any object, from the lighting of a small boutique to a hotel, shopping mall or a Category IV road. Our engineers will carry out 3D illumination calculations and help you choose the optimal optics with the required KCC (DWC, ME, 90° and others). This will reduce the unevenness of illumination to the required minimum or highlight the desired details.

Optionally, the luminaire can be remotely controlled via the DALI protocol. To operate the system, one controller is additionally installed for a group of up to 256 lamps, and in the case of command transmission over long distances, also a GSM transmitter. There is also a version of the luminaire with a programmable time-based operating mode: the time of switching on, off, decreasing, increasing the brightness is set during manufacture and can be changed at any time without lifting to the support.

Luminaire advantages

Why is the e-Park luminaire-pole better than others?


Double moisture

A waterproof driver
with IP67 protection is
located inside the support.

All connections are made
with sealed terminal blocks.


steel A2

Stainless steel screws
do not rust even in
corrosive environments.

You can install our
luminaire on any object.


Body made of
steel, aluminum

The aluminum block cools
the LEDs well to the
correct temperature.

The steel support itself
is very strong and durable.


and optics

We use only modern
Novattro diffusers
and LEDiL lenses.

They have the highest
transparency among analogs.



Flame coating protects
steel from corrosion
and is easy to repair.

If the support is damaged,
you can paint over the damage.


to choose

There are two types of
foundations to choose from:
concrete and reinforced.

Weight 0 kg
Dimensions N/A



оптика LEDiL, матовое ПММА




на бетонный стакан

Color, K

3000, 4000, 5000 К


75, 85 Ra


not less than IP66


176-264 V




from -40 to +40°C

For order

If the manufacturer decides to change the characteristics of the product, then he will not notify customers and partners. As soon as you need additional characteristics or documentation, you can request them from your personal manager. If you want to buy luminaires, select the required model in terms of power or luminous flux in the table and tell the manager the article. Articles contain detailed information about the product and its characteristics in their name.

200-700 LL, where
200 – body height, cm
700 – LED current, mA
LL – support type L (TL – support type T, ZL – support type Z)

SKU Watts Lumens Dimensions
200-700 LL 26.2 4204 2000х200х400
200-1050 LL 39.3 6128 2000х200х400
200-1400 LL 57.0 7571 2000х200х400
300-700 LL 26.2 4204 3000х250х500
300-1050 LL 39.3 6128 3000х250х500
300-1400 LL 57.0 7571 3000х250х500
400-700 LL 52.4 8407 4000х300х800
400-1050 LL 78.6 12256 4000х300х800
400-1400 LL 114 15142 4000х300х800
500-700 LL 52.4 8407 5000х300х1000
500-1050 LL 78.6 12256 5000х300х1000
500-1400 LL 114 15142 5000х300х1000
600-700 LL 52.4 8407 6000х300х1000
600-1050 LL 78.6 12256 6000х300х1000
600-1400 LL 114 15142 6000х300х1000
200-700 TL 52.4 8407 2000х200х800
200-1050 TL 78.6 12256 2000х200х800
200-1400 TL 114 15142 2000х200х800
300-700 TL 52.4 8407 3000х250х1000
300-1050 TL 78.6 12256 3000х250х1000
300-1400 TL 114 15142 3000х250х1000
400-700 TL 104.8 16814 4000х300х1600
400-1050 TL 157.2 24512 4000х300х1600
400-1400 TL 228 30284 4000х300х1600
500-700 TL 104.8 16814 5000х300х2000
500-1050 TL 157.2 24512 5000х300х2000
500-1400 TL 228 30284 5000х300х2000
600-700 TL 104.8 16814 6000х300х2000
600-1050 TL 157.2 24512 6000х300х2000
600-1400 TL 228 30284 6000х300х2000
200-700 ZL 52.4 8407 2000х200х400
200-1050 ZL 78.6 12256 2000х200х400
200-1400 ZL 114 15142 2000х200х400
300-700 ZL 52.4 8407 3000х250х500
300-1050 ZL 78.6 12256 3000х250х500
300-1400 ZL 114 15142 3000х250х500
400-700 ZL 104.8 16814 4000х300х800
400-1050 ZL 157.2 24512 4000х300х800
400-1400 ZL 228 30284 4000х300х800
500-700 ZL 104.8 16814 5000х300х1000
500-1050 ZL 157.2 24512 5000х300х1000
500-1400 ZL 228 30284 5000х300х1000
600-700 ZL 104.8 16814 6000х300х1000
600-1050 ZL 157.2 24512 6000х300х1000
600-1400 ZL 228 30284 6000х300х1000
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