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ledz e-Trade


Linear LED luminaires e-Trade are designed for retail outlets from a small store to a large chain hypermarket. A semicircular diffuser from Mitsubishi directs light onto the top shelves of the shopping arcade at eye level. The removable cover makes it easy to reconfigure or replace the driver without removing the luminaire from the suspensions.

After the warranty expires, even inexperienced personnel can easily service it. Optionally, the transit cables can be hidden inside the enclosure. Typical luminaire protection IP40, version with increased moisture protection IP54 can be used in industrial workshops, warehouses and other premises. Any power from 8 to 111 W, and length from 30 to 300 cm.

 We work with individuals and legal entities;
 We will complete any delivery on time;
 -10% on the first order for promo first10.


power, W

5 years









lifetime, hrs


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the required components and options.

emergency power
supply unit

T-, X- and Y

painting in
any color





human centric
lighting (HCL)

Description of the luminaire

Ledz e-Trade linear LED trading lamps are designed for sales areas of shops, pavilions, hypermarkets, building markets and other similar objects of any scale. The linear long shape of the luminaire is ideal for logistics centers and shelving warehouses, as it allows optimal distribution of light along the racks, in contrast to conventional industrial luminaires. Also available in a version with dust and moisture protection IP54.

The e-Trade model will replace many other models, such as DPO or LPO LED lamps. It is very convenient to use thanks to the removable top plastic cover. It is no longer necessary to remove the luminaire for repair or adjustment, and even inexperienced personnel can do this. Power cables are connected via Wago spring terminal blocks, this allows installers to quickly connect the luminaires to the network and quickly hand over the object, which increases the profitability of the work.

Installation of luminaires e-Trade

e-Trade luminaires easily fit into continuous lines and look stylish at the same time. It is very simple and quick to connect them in a long row: adjacent lamps are suspended by one cable and fixed with a screw and nut. No additional sections and other elements are needed, this is why e-Trade compares favorably with competitors. Designers will love the inconspicuous joint between luminaires, which does not exceed 3-4 mm. Already from 10 meters you will see only a continuous line of light.

You can choose from lamps with matte diffuser e-Trade CM, transparent e-Trade C0, or e-Trade CL model with lenses of the Finnish company LEDiL, which has more than a century of experience in the production of optics. LEDiL lenses are made of special PMMA Plexiglas with a high transparency of 94% – a record. Optionally, a cable can be hidden in the housing for the transit connection of a number of luminaires to one point, as well as a lead-in or transit cable gland with IP68 protection.

Luminaire advantages

Why is the e-Trade lamp better than others?



The joint between two luminaires
measuring 3-4 mm is invisible
already from a distance of 3 meters.

As a result, you will
get beautiful light lines.



The installation of the luminaires
is done in 1 minute thanks to the
ready-made cable holes.

The joint is fixed with a screw,
which is very simple and convenient.



Connect the lamps at an angle
into triangles, squares without
breaking the light line.

To do this, we will cut the edges
of the profiles at the desired angle.



The screen is made of
convex opal polycarbonate
and eliminates glare.

It lets in a lot of light,
but it can also be transparent.


at any angle

Connect the lamps at an angle
into triangles, squares without
breaking the light line.

To do this, we will cut the edges
of the profiles at the desired angle.


top cover

The luminaire cover is removable
and allows you to quickly carry
out repairs right on the spot.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 29 × 4 × 7.9 cm

aluminum anodized


PMMA Novattro (transparent, matte), optics LEDiL


OSRAM, Lumileds, Samsung


suspension, overhead

Color, K

3000, 4000, 5000 К


80, 90 Ra


not less than IP40 or IP54


176-264 V




from 0 to +50°C

For order

If the manufacturer decides to change the characteristics of the product, then he will not notify customers and partners. As soon as you need additional characteristics or documentation, you can request them from your personal manager. If you want to buy luminaires, select the required model in terms of power or luminous flux in the table and tell the manager the article. Articles contain detailed information about the product and its characteristics in their name.

300-350 CM / C0, where
300 – body length, cm
350 – LED current, mA
CM – matt diffuser (C0 – transparent, CL – optics)

SKU Watts Lumens Dimensions
30-300 CM / C0 8.3 1104 / 1229 307х40х79
60-300 CM / C0 16.6 2156 / 2459 604х40х79
90-300 CM / C0 24.9 3234 / 3688 901х40х79
120-300 CM / C0 33.3 4312 / 4918 1198х40х79
150-300 CM / C0 41.6 5390 / 6147 1495х40х79
180-300 CM / C0 49.9 6468 / 7376 1792х40х79
210-300 CM / C0 58.2 7546 / 8606 2089х40х79
240-300 CM / C0 66.6 8624 / 9835 2386х40х79
270-300 CM / C0 74.9 9702 / 11065 2683х40х79
300-300 CM / C0 83.2 10780 / 12294 2980х40х79
30-350 CM / C0 9.9 1258 / 1434 307х40х79
60-350 CM / C0 19.7 2515 / 2868 604х40х79
90-350 CM / C0 29.6 3773 / 4303 901х40х79
120-350 CM / C0 39.5 5030 / 5737 1198х40х79
150-350 CM / C0 49.4 6288 / 7171 1495х40х79
180-350 CM / C0 59.2 7546 / 8605 1792х40х79
210-350 CM / C0 69.1 8803 / 10039 2089х40х79
240-350 CM / C0 79.0 10061 / 11474 2386х40х79
270-350 CM / C0 88.9 11318 / 12908 2683х40х79
300-350 CM / C0 98.7 12576 / 14342 2980х40х79
30-390 CM / C0 11.1 1401 / 1598 307х40х79
60-390 CM / C0 22.2 2803 / 3196 604х40х79
90-390 CM / C0 33.2 4204 / 4795 901х40х79
120-390 CM / C0 44.3 5606 / 6393 1198х40х79
150-390 CM / C0 55.4 7007 / 7991 1495х40х79
180-390 CM / C0 66.5 8408 / 9589 1792х40х79
210-390 CM / C0 77.5 9810 / 11187 2089х40х79
240-390 CM / C0 88.6 11211 / 12786 2386х40х79
270-390 CM / C0 99.7 12613 / 14384 2683х40х79
300-390 CM / C0 110.8 14014 / 15982 2980х40х79
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