Track Lighting

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Track luminaires are designed for accent lighting of trade halls of stores, hypermarkets and any other shopping facilities. Track lighting is installed on a single-phase or three-phase busbar trunking, but there are also adapters for surface mounting on the ceiling (or embedded in the ceiling), they have a small piece of busbar trunking. The accent LED light can be equipped with reflectors with different angles, LEDs with different color temperatures and spectrum shades for different groups of products. For example, bread should be lit with a warm shade of light, and fish – cold. It is track light-emitting diode luminaires that allow to equip each site in the shop floor with an appropriate spectrum of light without additional costs. In the lamps of our own production under the brand ledz we use only reliable components: German COB LEDs, European or Russian drivers, German wires and cables. We pay much attention to the correct assembly, we always use thermal paste or thermal pads, unlike Belarusian competitors and other Chinese manufacturers of inexpensive track luminaires. Our production of LED track lighting fixtures is located in Belarus (Minsk), we work all over the world and will quickly deliver the goods to the buyer.