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Новгородская, 1-508/2,
Москва, РФ, 127576
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Машэрава, 17-206,
Мінск, Беларусь, 220029
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Office in Vilnius
Rodūnios kel. 28-226,
Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-02187
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How to choose a fixture for plants?

Lamps for plants easily solve the problem of lack of natural light.

Should I buy LED panel lights?

LED panel lights have already captured a significant share of the office lighting market.

A new era of office lighting has arrived

A new era of office lighting is marked by the use of efficient LEDs.

Greenhouse lighting

Phytolamps compensate for the lack of natural light and promote the growth and development of plants.

Fixture Driver Repair

The need to repair the luminaire driver is often associated with its unreliability or improper operation.

LED industrial fixtures

From the point of view of efficiency and safety of operation, LED industrial fixtures have practically no competitors.

How to properly power the fixture?

At first glance, the question of how to connect the lamp does not seem difficult, but even professionals have difficulties.

Types and styles of fixtures

The types and styles of lamps are so diverse that they can confuse any buyer.

Fixture installation

Installation of fixtures often causes difficulties for people without special skills and the required training.

Repair of LED luminaires

Repair of fixtures is a laborious process that requires compliance with established rules and safety precautions.

Which documents define the standards of illumination?

Download important lighting standards, TCH natural and artificial lighting.

Would You Buy Such a Street Light?

Such a street LED lamp may cause damage to people's health.

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