Household lamps for housing and communal services, entrances, utility rooms can be bought in Minsk inexpensively. Domestic lighting may be wall, ceiling, street, with a motion sensor, light sensor. Household luminaires for lighting the entrances must have a shock-resistant casing so that it can withstand the external damage of the vandals. We call such models impact-resistant or vandal-resistant. Street household luminaires must have a degree of protection of at least IP65, otherwise moisture from the air will condense on the internal surfaces of the lamp and on electronic boards, which will cause their accelerated aging and failure.

Domestic Lighting

Wall domestic luminaires can be used on staircases, near apartments, most often such models are equipped with a motion sensor or noise with time cutoff. When the noise appears, the sensor is triggered, the light is turned on, and after a specified time it turns off automatically or switches to 10-20% brightness mode. This mechanism allows you to save up to 70% of electricity and is beneficial where people are rarely found. Wall lamps for housing and communal services are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Our models, compared to Chinese cheap samples, have an extended warranty of up to 5 years and reliable components inside.

You can use various housing and communal services lamps as household ones. They are often wall-mounted and have a vandal-proof shock-resistant housing. The set screws are hidden in them so that it is impossible to unscrew. All this is done so that the body cannot be stolen, because the luminaire is installed openly and access to it is the easiest. In addition to wall mounting, it can be installed on the ceiling, installation takes a few minutes. We can paint the cases in any color when ordering from 100 pieces. An emergency power supply unit can be built inside the housing to operate for one hour in the absence of electricity.