Recessed downlight type lamps are very popular in office buildings, cafes, cottages. Downlights easily built into the ceiling type Armstrong, Grilyato, in plasterboard and give a good accent light. There are various options for such luminaires, but mostly in the market are Chinese embedded panels of inexpensive performance. They have a small resource and a warranty of about one year, and also quickly lose their brightness and turn yellow. Belarusian built-in luminaires ledz e-Spot are assembled from German components and have a guarantee of 5 years for any failure. In addition, we will perform lighting calculations, show how best to place them around the room and, if necessary, perform the project and installation work. Our downlight luminaires have high color rendering, so they are ideal for trade halls, clothing stores and fashion segment. Thanks to the natural colors of your products under our ledz ledz your income will grow, and the buyers will leave contented. There are several standard body colors to choose from, but we can paint them in any RAL color when ordering from 100 pieces.

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