Manufacture of LED Luminaires and Automatics

LED Lights

for Any Business

Here you can buy LED luminaires made in the center of Europe for industrial shops and warehouses, street lights for roads and parking lots, spotlights, as well as trade and track fixtures for commercial lighting in shops and unique models from wood for any task and for any budget.

ledz e-Industry

Industrial LED lights e-Industry suitable for solving any client problem. They can work in the most difficult conditions. There is optics with any angles KSS, luminaire power up to 2000 W, reliable Italian electronics!

ledz e-Slim

Industrial LED light fixtures with IP65 protection.

ledz e-Trade

Commercial luminaires with lid for easy driver replacement.

ledz e-Line

LED luminaires with a light output of up to 150 lm/W for shops, retail, DIY. The cases are joined in continuous lines at any angle without breaking the light line. The driver is easily replaced thanks to a hidden removable cover. 

ledz e-Admin

Linear concise premium luminaires.

ledz e-Deco

Eco-friendly luminaires in a wooden case.

ledz e-Track

Track LED lights from 27 to 40 W with different shades and color reproduction up to 95 CRI. Compact design with high light output and power. The driver is built into the adapter and does not require extra parts of the case.

ledz e-Road

Street lamp for roads of any category.

ledz e-Park

Modern street luminaires in loft design.

ledz e-Glass

Elite hi-tech LED light fixtures made of glass and polished stainless steel. Top Italian electronics from TCI, German LEDs from OSRAM, glass with high optical properties. Assembled by hand with love.

ledz e-Office

Traditional office LED lighting fixtures.

ledz e-Hall

Decorative lights in the shape of a circle.

Our Lamps are Suitable for Any Objects

We Realize Any Project

We produce LED lights for any business: for shop, warehouse, store, hypermarket, office, business center and any other. The average payback period of objects with our lamps is about a year! Look our projects and see for yourself.

buy LED street lights ledz e-Road 209 DL, Super Street Superheavy, L Street, L-street, TL-street
buy commercial LED lights ledz e-Trade 100 CM installed in the network Nika Vitebsk, LED lighting fixtures for the Belarusian trade ledz, lamps Belintergra, Slim Retail, Crown Retail, Slim Retail, Korona Retail
LED industrial lamps ledz e-Industry 60 D0 are installed in AluminTechno, buy industrial LED lamps of Belarusian manufacture

We will Select Fixtures Precisely

We are free to perform lighting 3D calculations for any object.

to buy LED lights for trade halls of stores and hypermarkets ledz e-Trade 35 CM var are installed in the hypermarket Green in Brest to Makhnovich 6, linear lamps for trade to buy in Moscow buy linear lamps for shops, pendant lamps for retail, buy lamps for trade in Minsk, trade lamps ledz e-Trade
See What We Assemble Fixtures of


anodized aluminum

profiles designed for our luminaires are accurately calculated and well dissipate the heat of the LEDs


ready solutions from the leaders

LED modules based on OSRAM, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Edison diodes with light output up to 207 lm/W


reliable and tested

with galvanic isolation and overvoltage protection of the brands TCI, MeanWell, Vossloh-Schwabe, Argos and Moons


only the best PMMA formulations

PMMA diffusers from Novattro, Mitsubishi, Plexiglas, Acrilyte, Makrolon, and also from tempered glass

Buy LED light in Minsk wholesale from the manufacturer can be in our company Elredi-pro. We are the wholesale dealers of the factory of LED ledz lamps in Belarus. Our industrial LED lamps are installed at many facilities in Belarus, and LED street lights illuminate roads and parking lots in many regions of Minsk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Brest, Grodno and others. Buy fixtures for trade can be directly at the price of the manufacturer ledz. Also we can buy office lamps Armstrong, lamps in the ceiling of Grilyato and overhead office lights for the office, medical center, school, university, office lamps on the ceiling, 4×18 lamps, false ceiling lights. Also you can order a lighting project in Minsk, order a lighting calculation for your premises. Business now considers money and tries to save, therefore it is possible to perform lighting calculations and calculate the payback period, we can perform a feasibility study in a short time. Linear LED light fixtures are used in the trade halls of stores, these are fixtures for trade, analogue of the Belintergraf Slim Retail lighting fixture, so-called retail fixtures. Buy LED lamps in Minsk inexpensive wholesale at the price of the manufacturer can be in our office. We work with legal entities and we can easily buy track lights on the busbar trunking system in our company. They can be installed as a three-phase busbar trunking, and single-phase. Track luminaires are three-phase and single-phase. Accent track luminaires can be with special filters for meat, fish, alcohol and other products. Our production of LED lamps is located in Minsk, in the center of Belarus, so it is convenient for us to work with any dealer. We are now in search of active dealers who are ready to cooperate with manufacturers of LED lamps. Call us and we will discuss the conditions by which you can profitably and inexpensively buy LED lighting in Minsk wholesale at a dealer price. Our competitors in the market are lighting fixtures Belintergra, Ledel, Lida Lighting Products Factory, Mogilev Lighting Plant, GVA Lighting, Rinpel, AlfaViva, Vladasvet-Bel, Leader-Editing and others. All of them are distinguished by the use of cheap components, because of which the fixtures often fail. We only use Argos and MeanWell drivers, OSRAM, Samsung, Edison LEDs, only aluminum enclosures and aluminum LED rulers in our luminaires. Buy our ledz lamps!