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Production of luminaires in Belarus ledz lighting

The company Elredi-pro, LLC was registered in Minsk in 2014, and the first company Elredi, LLC in 2013. In 2018, the ledz lighting brand was founded and under this name it produces lamps in Belarus. Our lighting has excellent lighting performance, such as 172 lm/W in the industrial segment and up to 150 lm/W in the linear and office lighting segment. We test our equipment only in independent laboratories, unlike competitors with their own laboratory.

Who are ledz lighting?

Full cycle
LED lighting
in Belarus

We have been in the LED lighting market since 2013. Every year, our employees carry out several nationwide projects and solve important engineering problems for our clients.

The production of ledz luminaires is located in Minsk and has all the necessary permits. View certificates and test reports in the laboratory.

Skill 01.

ISO, EAEU, CCI, EMERCOM certificates

Our LED luminaires comply with all norms and regulations of the customs union, including fire safety and the presence of hazardous substances RoHS.

Skill 02.

We develop
products ourselves.

We do not copy, but develop modern LED luminaires and components, boards, modules and aluminum profiles for them. We collect by hand in Belarus with love.

Skill 03.

Accurate illumination calculations.

Our engineers will prepare lighting calculations for the selection of suitable luminaires for an object of any complexity and will preliminarily estimate the payback period of the equipment.

Skill 04.

since 2013.

We always fulfill the warranty obligations to customers and will never avoid them. We have invested considerable effort in the development of new modern luminaire models.

Production of lamps in Minsk and Moscow

Lamps in Belarus are produced by several large companies that were launched back in the 90s. Among them are Belintegra, GVA lighting, SVS lighting, Lida Electrical Products Plant (LZEI). Belintegra recently opened a lighting laboratory that helps them test their lighting. Often the luminous flux of products significantly exceeds ours, although we use the components of the same brands and often even the same ones.

ledz luminaires save

reduced energy
by 3-8 times.

We provide our clients with a complete turnkey solution, carry out lighting calculations ourselves, produce lamps and install them on site.

If you are looking for the production of lamps in Minsk and Moscow, then you have come to our official website of lamps. Once we started producing high quality products to outperform our competitors in the market, other manufacturers improved the light output of their models. If you find Belintegra, SVS lighting, GVA lighting production on the Internet, then we will offer you complete analogs of our own production. As soon as you contact our managers, they will prepare lighting calculations. If you need to choose the power and luminous flux, then you do not need to worry about it.

Trust and do not regret
We have replaced old fluorescent lamps with LEDs throughout the Nika retail chain. The declared payback of 12 months was confirmed by the meter readings.
Alexander Zhelezko

Deputy Director, Nika

Replaced everything entirely
At Outleto, executives decided to replace all outdated lighting with LED. We chose ledz made in Belarus. So far, everything works without problems.
Dmitry Uvarov

Chief Engineer, Outleto Shopping Center

They did it the way we wanted
As soon as the ledz production agreed to fulfill our technical specification and produced the samples, we agreed to enter into a contract for the lighting of the new main office in Futuris.
Pavel Polyanin

Project Engineer, Wargaming

Very attentive engineers
If we had met ledz earlier, we would have ordered the necessary lamps for their production long ago. Attentive managers quickly resolve all issues.
Dmitry Filanovich

Chief Power Engineer, ADANI

We took on a complex project
Engineers ledz are great. We have developed a complex project, manufactured more than 2000 lamps, successfully mounted them at our facilities and performed field supervision.
Olga Abramovich

Project Manager, BelDan

LED fixtures in Belarus

Luminaires in Belarus have been manufactured by ledz lighting since 2013. They have high luminous efficacy, low wattage, and receive excellent customer reviews. Our online lamp store is hosted on our second resource. We supply lighting in Belarus, Russia, CIS and Europe. We try to keep high quality at an affordable price.

At the speed of light

Our objects
will impress
you with their

ledz lighting official website

Contact us for the production of ledz lighting Belarus. If you need to make lamps in Belarus with your own hands, then ledz can make it to order. Once you find us on the internet, read our articles on Belintegra production. If you are looking for products in the Russian Federation, then ledz products are perfect for you. Our office supplies lighting to Moscow and throughout Russia in bulk and large wholesale.

Watch video

Our official luminaire site is located at the link https://ledz.by and is published in three languages. If manufacturers of lighting fixtures in Belarus compete, Belintegra offers models made of sheet metal at the price of aluminum. As soon as they opened the laboratory, the customers began to receive information about the overestimation of the luminous flux and the luminous efficiency of the products of their own production. We are testing ledz models in the independent laboratory of the Central Scientific and Technical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.

Our lamps illuminate workshops, streets, offices and hypermarkets.

Own production

ledz lighting production works
throughout Belarus, Russia, Ukraine,
the CIS countries and the European
Union. We ship worldwide.

Free consultations

Find the model you need on
the official website of the lamps,
and our manager will select for you
power, luminous flux, lenses.

We manage quality ourselves

We are the production of lamps
in Belarus, which in conditions
growing competition has kept
high quality products.

Lighting production Minsk

Today, many companies have plans or are already making lighting. Many have been on the market for a long time, such as Belintegra, SVS lighting, Lightyra. They use various components like Argos drivers. In our experience, they have very low reliability. Some Argos IPS 60-700 IP67 drivers have a failure rate of up to 90%, so we use Italian TCI drivers instead. If you are looking for a reliable lighting supplier, then contact us at ledz.

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