Industrial Lights

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Industrial lights on LED technology can now be bought in virtually any company, as well as from organizations that can perform electrical installation work. Industrial lights is a special segment that requires precise engineering when developing and creating each model. The internal components of each sample must be precisely matched to each other and tested for durability under various conditions. We can buy industrial lamps in Minsk from our company Eldredi, but it’s best to choose the models of Belarusian brandz manufactured by our company in Minsk (the Republic of Belarus). Many buyers believe that you can buy an inexpensive Chinese industrial lamp and it will work for a long time, but it’s not. Usually, Chinese lamps are designed for 20-30 thousand hours of operation, then they have a sharp drop in light output and a percentage of failure. In fact, this coincides with the warranty period of 1-2 years, so you will have to pay for new lamps out of your pocket. Belarusian industrial lamps in Minsk from the manufacturer ledz are distinguished by reliable drivers, LEDs of OSRAM, Samsung, LG, Edison and other well-proven brands. In addition, powerful industrial models contain only aluminum alloys for improved cooling.