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ledz e-Agro


Industrial LED luminaires e-Agro with power from 29 to 296 W are intended for agro-industrial complexes, farms, meat processing plants. They can also be used in industrial premises, warehouses, hangars and other objects of any height with the presence of dust, high humidity. Standard suspension mount (can be equipped with swivel, surface-mounted and gas station mount).

Available lenses LEDiL (15°, 30°, 60°, 90° and others), diffusers from transparent, matte Darkoo polycarbonate and from silicate and tempered glass. The housing is IP66 protected in any version. A pressure equalization valve, an IP68 sealed lead-through is available as an option. There is a fireproof version with tempered glass.

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power, W

5 years









lifetime, hrs


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the required components and options.

emergency power
supply unit


version for
gas stations



lead-in sealed


painting in
any color

Description of the luminaire

Industrial LED lamps ledz e-Agro are designed for argon industrial complexes, meat processing plants, farms, in which lamps are regularly treated with chemical solutions. They can be used in industrial workshops, warehouses, hangars and other premises of any enterprise, from a small car service and a car wash. The e-Agro luminaire can be equipped with Finnish LEDiL optics with various KSS or flat silicate or tempered glass.

We serially produce luminaires with a power from 29 to 296 W. The luminaire is supplied as standard with holes for hanging it on a cable or carabiner (carabiners are not included in the set). Additionally, there is a swivel, surface-mounted, built-in mount, which are sold separately. The industrial LED luminaire e-Agro has a high degree of protection against dust and moisture IP66 in any configuration. There is a fireproof version with tempered glass with a fire certificate.

Luminaire versions of e-Agro

The luminaire body is specially made without cooling fins, so that it is as easy as possible to clean its surface from dust and dirt. The luminaire can be treated with a pressure washer without the risk of damaging the electronics. The glass has a silicone glue, and the driver is completely sealed inside. We can make non-serial industrial luminaires with power up to 2000 W, and even this is not the limit. For partners, we can manufacture products under your brand name.

For each task, we can complete the luminaire with special components and options. For example, for rooms with high temperatures, there are special luminaires with e-Agro cool, which have a reduced operating current of LEDs and more massive housings. For gas stations and gas stations, the luminaires are additionally equipped with a mounting frame for embedding in a pylon. For you, we can make any mount, bracket or add any option that was not in the serial list.

Luminaire advantages

Why is the e-Agro luminaire better than others?



The case is fully protected
from dust and moisture as standard
IP66 in any version.

The optical part has
silicone glue.


Stainless steel
screws A2

Stainless steel screws
do not rust even indoors
with an aggressive environment.

You can install our
luminaire on any objects.


and optics

We use modern
transparent silicate glass,
which transmit light well.

Tempered glass will allow
apply lamps everywhere.



Luminaire body made
smooth so you can was
easy to clean with sinks.

Weight 0 kg
Dimensions N/A

aluminum anodized


PMMA Novattro (transparent, prismatic, matte), LEDiL optics, silicate glass




suspension, swiveling, overhead

Color, K

4000, 5000 К


75 Ra




198-264 V




from -40 to +40°C

For order

If the manufacturer decides to change the characteristics of the product, then he will not notify customers and partners. As soon as you need additional characteristics or documentation, you can request them from your personal manager. If you want to buy luminaires, select the required model in terms of power or luminous flux in the table and tell the manager the article. Articles contain detailed information about the product and its characteristics in their name.

30-350 MG, where
30 – body length, cm
350 – LED current, mA
MG – silicate glass or
MT – toughened silicate glass

SKU Watts Lumens Dimensions
30-350 MG 29.6 4303 305х130х60
60-350 MG 59.2 8605 605х130х60
90-350 MG 88.9 12908 905х130х60
120-350 MG 118.4 17210 1205х130х60
150-350 MG 148.0 21515 1505х130х60
180-350 MG 177.8 25816 1805х130х60
210-350 MG 207.2 30121 2105х130х60
240-350 MG 236.8 34420 2405х130х60
270-350 MG 266.7 38724 2705х130х60
300-350 MG 296.0 43030 3005х130х60
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