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ledz e-Exit


Emergency LED luminaires e-Exit are designed to indicate the main exits and escape routes for people in case of an accident in the building. The plate illuminated in both directions is marked with pictograms and/or text in accordance with the standards. It directly and unambiguously indicates, for example, where the exit is, or where to run in case of an accident.

The emergency luminaire has a built-in emergency power supply unit for operation in the absence of voltage. Any wall, ceiling or recessed ceiling mount is available. The durable aluminum housing looks stylish, cools the LEDs well and can be painted in any color. The housing has a typical protection IP54, but it can be optionally IP65.

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power, W

5 years









lifetime, hrs


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the required components and options.

3 hours emergency
power supply unit



painting in
any color

color change in
case of an accident



Description of the luminaire

ledz e-Exit LED emergency luminaire is designed for safe evacuation of people from a building in the event of an accident or fire. It is a luminous sign with a pictogram or text on a green background to enhance visibility. The pictogram or text label should simply and easily show the escape routes or the direction of exit from the building. There are regulations that regulate the size, colors and brightness of the elements of the plates so that it is as visible as possible.

The emergency luminaire can be one-sided or two-sided. The one-sided lamp shows the image from one side only, while on the back it has a plastic body. Such an emergency evacuation luminaire is located on the walls above the main exits or corridors. The most common inscription is “EXIT”, but there is also an icon for “exit” by ISO. Its image is the same all over the world and it can be downloaded for free for printing.

Luminaire versions of e-Exit

The e-Exit emergency luminaire is standardly surface-mounted on a wall or ceiling, or suspended from cables. Optionally, you can order a swivel mount or recessed into drywall. For proper installation in drywall, the edges of the luminaire must be putty. The e-Exit luminaire is equipped with an emergency power supply unit (EPU), which will allow it to work for an hour in the absence of voltage in the network. This will allow people to be safely evacuated from the building.

Optionally, you can choose a BAP with a larger battery for 3 hours. You can also order the body painted in any RAL color. The image on the plate is applied with UV ink, which is applied according to standard templates. You can order a lamp with your template on the plate and its color. The standard version of the e-Exit model is IP54 waterproof, but you can optionally choose an IP65 luminaire. The full warranty for the luminaire, excluding the battery, is 5 years.

Luminaire advantages

Why is the e-Exit lamp better than others?



The aluminum body looks
stylish, it cools the LEDs
well to the desired level.

The luminaire is very sturdy and
can only be fixed at two points.


PSU is built
into the case

An emergency power supply unit
for one hour of operation is
already built into the case.

Optionally, there is a block
for three hours of work.



Installation of luminaires
takes a minute thanks to
various types of fixtures.

Surface mounted, swivel
and built-in mounts.



The size of the plate is
280×140 mm, which is the
worldwide ISO standard.

Weight 0 kg
Dimensions N/A



PMMA (transparent smooth)


Nichia, Philips, Samsung


rotary, overhead, suspended

Color, K

4000, 5000 К


80 Ra


not less than IP54


176-264 V




from 0 to +40°C

For order

If the manufacturer decides to change the characteristics of the product, then he will not notify customers and partners. As soon as you need additional characteristics or documentation, you can request them from your personal manager. If you want to buy luminaires, select the required model in terms of power or luminous flux in the table and tell the manager the article. Articles contain detailed information about the product and its characteristics in their name.

350 X0, where
350 – LED current, mA
X0 – pictogram “exit” according to ISO (X1 – inscription “exit”, X2 – inscription “exit” combined with the pictogram “exit” according to ISO)

SKU Watts Lumens Dimensions
350 X0 10 500 300х200х55
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