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November 25, 2017


Beltelekabel expands its production and builds a new workshop. For them, it was required to find an inexpensive solution on LED lamps, since the project included fluorescent lamps of the Belintegra brand and they were taken into account in the estimate. Since LED luminaires are usually more expensive than fluorescent ones, the main challenge was to try not to deviate much from the estimated cost.


Install modern lighting in the new office, which will serve for a long time and save significant amounts on energy savings. Our engineers offered e-Panel luminaires.

  • Strategy

    Lighting costs decreased by 65%, with a return on investment of 13.5 months.

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Luminaire advantages

Why ise-Panel luminaire better than others?



The luminaires are
made of sheet metal or
aluminum profiles.

We have luminaires for
all types of ceilings.


Terminal block

The supply terminal block is
brought out, which is very
convenient for quick connection.

There is no need to disassemble
the case to connect it.



The luminaires can be built
into an armstrong, fixed to the
ceiling and suspended from cables.

It can also be integrated into
drywall using the fixing.



The size of the luminaire is
595×595 mm, which allows it to be
used with any armstrong ceilings.

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