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LED industrial fixtures

LED industrial fixtures and its features

LED industrial fixtures are increasingly finding its supporters and this is due to its many advantages over analogues. Many manufacturers decide to keep it simple and use the abbreviation “DPP” as the name of their lamp. In fact, the lamp DPP 22 is an abbreviation approved by GOST 17677. According to it, it stands for LED ceiling lamp for industrial and industrial buildings. The number “22” designates its model.

The DPP lamp gained its popularity in the business sector. In terms of efficiency, design features and operational safety, it has virtually no competitors. Close in parameters is an induction lamp. However, more and more consumers are abandoning it, due to the content of mercury vapor and a shorter service life. Its operation may be unsafe and requires special disposal.

Where is the DPP lamp used?

Industrial facilities often have large areas that require efficient lighting. This usually requires a large number of fixtures, which creates very high energy costs. Therefore, the appearance on the market of LED DPP luminaires caused a high demand among consumers, primarily due to the low energy consumption of these luminaires. The main area of application is large production areas:

  • shops;
  • warehouses;
  • platforms for loading and unloading goods.

They are also used to illuminate sports facilities, large retail and exhibition areas. Industrial lamp of our production ledz e-Industry is a great example of a DPP luminaire and a good choice for industrial and warehouse applications. In our portfolio on the site you can see the results of using this lamp at various enterprises throughout Belarus and the CIS.

The main area of application of DPP lamps is large production and storage areas. Let us help you choose the right configuration for your space. Call us!

Source: raylux.ru

LED industrial fixtures and its classification

Depending on the components, this lamp has different characteristics and features. The main components of luminaires are housing, light source, power supply or driver. The efficiency of a luminaire largely depends on the light source, which is LEDs and LED strips. It is better to purchase a luminaire with more efficient LEDs and a reduced body size, due to reduced power.

It will give as much light as a more powerful, but less efficient counterpart. The first number in the name usually indicates the model or its design feature. For example, lamp DPP 22 and lamp DPP 12. Housing material can be made of aluminum or plastic. If the case is made of aluminum, then this contributes to better heat dissipation radiated from the power supply and the LED strip. However, the use of aluminum is not always advisable due to its high cost.

In some cases, a plastic case is more advantageous, but you should never buy a case made of sheet steel. More often than not, a steel luminaire will be subject to accelerated corrosion due to frequent heating-cooling cycles. Also, a luminaire in an iron case will poorly remove heat from the LEDs, which will lead to aging of the diodes. The luminaire can have various mounting methods depending on the installation location: swivel, surface-mounted, built-in, suspended.

DPP luminaire features

The DPP luminaire can have different degrees of dust and moisture protection. It is denoted by the letters IP and two numbers (54, 65, 66) indicating the degree of protection. The higher this indicator, the better the protection of the case from external influences. For example, the lamp ledz e-Agro comes standard with IP66 protection, optionally up to IP68 protection. This degree of protection guarantees performance with short-term immersion in water.

Another feature of these fixtures is the ability to control the color temperature (from warm to cold). When installing additional sensors, you can set the lamp operation algorithm. This algorithm is programmed at the factory or by the client himself on site. The modern design of products, as well as the possibility of manufacturing a case of any shape and color, fit perfectly into the interior. For this reason, they are actively used by designers in their projects.

Properly selected degree of protection guarantees a long service life of the DPP 22 luminaire. Contact us for advice!

The e-Agro LED luminaire has a high degree of protection against dust and moisture

Advantages of DPP luminaires

The DPP luminaire has a lot of advantages over analogues, both Belarusian and foreign. In an aluminum case, it has a long service life of more than 50,000 hours of continuous operation. The absence of such harmful components as mercury eliminates the possibility of poisoning by its vapors. Low power consumption, saving you money, is an important advantage. Especially at the current time, when the cost of electricity is constantly growing.

One of the main advantages of DPP luminaires is their protection from external influences. That is why they are used in industrial premises, warehouses, hangars and other objects of any height with the presence of dust and high humidity. The use of tempered glass makes it possible to produce a fireproof product. It can already be used in rooms with a degree of fire safety up to P2a. In addition, it is possible to manufacture an explosion-proof version for gas stations.

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    The DPP luminaire is the most efficient and safe option for industrial and industrial buildings. It is also often used in large shopping and exhibition complexes. There are many options for this lamp. The choice depends on the purposes and conditions of its use. For example, the indicator of dust and moisture protection can vary depending on the climatic conditions of the room, and the price of the lamp changes accordingly.

    Many manufacturers add a number to the lamp name for individualization. Most often, it denotes the model of the lamp (lamp DPP 22). Our company manufactures a whole range of DPP industrial luminaires, which can be maximally optimized for your tasks. If you are interested in our proposals, then you can contact our managers at these contacts. They will help you choose the best option for lighting your building.

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    Никита Лобосов
    Engineer and technical specialist of the Elredy group of companies. I will advise you on the choice of LED luminaires and also meet you on site if you need help choosing the right LED luminaires for your project.
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