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Fixture Driver Repair

What does the lamp driver repair include?

LED lamps differ from analogs in long service life. Nevertheless, there are cases when the lamp stops working in the first six months. In order to restore its performance in most cases, it is necessary to repair the lamp driver. However, this process requires special skills and knowledge, and as a result, many decide to buy a new lamp. However, this is not a guarantee that an unpleasant situation will not happen again.

If you decide to repair the driver, we advise you to contact specialized organizations. Do-it-yourself repairs can lead to damage to other components and, as a result, the impracticality of further repairs. Also, don’t forget about the warranty. If the power supply is out of order, then in the event of a manufacturing defect, the seller will replace it with a new one or make a free repair of the LED lamp driver.

Why is it necessary to repair the LED light driver?

Before how to start repairing a lamp driver, it is necessary to identify the cause of its failure. If you skip this step, then it can fail again, and this can continue indefinitely. Malfunctions are usually associated with improper operation of the driver or its low reliability. The reliability of drivers often depends on the manufacturer. Next, we will describe in more detail the existing types of drivers and the rating of their manufacturers.

On the other hand, even a reliable power supply can break if the lamp is used incorrectly. For example, using a luminaire less than IP66 in a humid environment will lead to contact oxidation. Also, a non-working lamp may be the result of mechanical influences on internal elements. Additionally, power surges and overheating, due to insufficient ventilation, can also be attributed here.

A multimeter is an indispensable tool when repairing a luminaire driver

Source: ixbt.com

How to repair the fixture driver?

First of all, when carrying out any electrical work, it is important to observe safety precautions. Therefore, the repair of the LED lamp driver must begin with a power outage. After that, you can remove the lamp and proceed to repair it. To carry out the work, you will first need a multimeter, an oscilloscope and a soldering iron. In addition, be careful when disassembling the lamp so as not to damage the internal components.

The first step is to check the voltage supply to the LED arrays. If it is insufficient, then you need to find faulty LED elements and replace them. If in your case everything is fine with the voltage, then you need to check the capacitors and diodes of the bridge. In the absence of damage, we proceed to check the supply voltage of the microcircuit. When it differs from 15-17 V, then this element must be replaced. But in most cases, you can see the whole board.

If everything is in order, then we check the pulses on the 7th and 8th legs of the driver with an oscilloscope (the diagram may differ from the one below). Absence may indicate a transformer failure. Also its circuits (capacitor and diode). In this case, they must be replaced. When repairing LED strips (tapes), first of all, they examine whether there is a break in the transformer. After that, the operation of the capacitor and LEDs is analyzed.

To repair the driver, you may need its schematic design. Any questions? Contact for advice!

Source: pro-radio.ru

Which drivers to choose in order to avoid their repair later?

As we mentioned earlier, the main cause of lamp breakdowns lies in the driver, so when buying it is important to pay attention to its components. As a result, you may not need to prematurely repair the luminaire driver. Currently, there are a large number of their varieties and manufacturers. Based on our experience, we have analyzed the reliability of drivers from different manufacturers and compiled a rating that will help you choose a reliable product.

When choosing, the following parameters are important:

  • body design and material;
  • degree of dust and moisture protection;
  • current and voltage values;
  • power indicator.
A reliable driver is the key to a long service life of the LED lamp. Please contact us if you have any difficulties!

Source: elektrikaup.ee

LED light driver parameters

If you are considering using the driver in a home luminaire, you can choose plastic case. Meanwhile, for industrial, office and outdoor you can use open metal with perforation or closed. The degree of dust and moisture protection determines the conditions in which the lamp can be used. For example, products with IP66 protection can be installed in bathrooms and other wet areas.

With the help of such an indicator as power, the maximum allowable load that the lamp can withstand is determined. The values of current and voltage are selected in accordance with the parameters of the LEDs. If the current rating on the line is 350 mA, then a 300-330 mA driver will do. By choosing the right power supply, manufacturer-guaranteed service life will be guaranteed. If the rated current is exceeded, the service life will be shortened.

Types of drivers and their manufacturers

First of all, all types of drivers can be divided according to design features and principle of operation. The power supply itself can be placed in a protective case. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid the influence of external factors on the electronic circuit. At the same time, the protective case may be absent, which reduces the cost. The service life of such products is less and they are used for flush mounting. According to the principle of operation, the following drivers are distinguished:

  • with capacitors;
  • electronic;
  • dimmable.

The Dimmable driver is distinguished by the ability to control the brightness of the light. capacitor based drivers often cause luminaire flicker and are therefore not recommended for indoor luminaires. The most expensive drivers are electronic, used in high-power luminaires. They help to combat ripple and magnetic interference from radio devices, and are also protected from surge voltages.

Dimmable LED drivers. We'll help you choose!

Source: minifermer.ru

Driver reliability rating

An unreliable power supply may shorten the life of the device many times over. Also, repairing the driver of the LED lamp entails extra time and money. For a person unfamiliar with this area, making the right choice of a manufacturer is quite difficult. Our company has been producing LED lighting since 2013, and based on this experience, we have compiled a driver manufacturer rating in descending order of reliability based on our experience:

  1. MeanWell
  2. Inventonics
  3. TCI
  4. Monolithic Power Systems
  5. Luxdator
  6. Tridonic
  7. Elconda
  8. Argos
  9. Forlight

In addition, when choosing, it is important to consider not only reliability, but also cost. The market leader in terms of turnover of produced drivers is MeanWell. However, their cost is quite high, so we often chose TCI and Luxdator for our properties. TCI provides a guarantee of up to 10 years for its products and has an optimal price-performance ratio. I note that this is a marketing formulation, in fact, a guarantee of 100,000 hours. We also recommend Tridonic power supplies.

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    In conclusion, we can say that repairing a luminaire driver is a rather complicated process that requires special skills. You will need a multimeter, an oscilloscope and a soldering iron to complete it. First of all, before starting the repair, it is necessary to identify the cause of the breakdown. The malfunction occurs both due to its unreliability and violation of the operating rules. Therefore, when choosing, it is important to choose a luminaire taking into account future conditions of use.

    In order to avoid additional costs for repairing an LED lamp driver, you can use our rating of manufacturers. It will help if you need to quickly choose a brand. For example, the Luxdator and Tridonic drivers have performed well in many of our linear luminaires. If you have any difficulties with the choice, then you can always contact our specialists for advice.

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