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Should I buy LED panel lights?

LED Panel Lights

Currently, LED panel lights are used everywhere. They appeared on the Belarusian market relatively recently, capturing a significant share of the office lighting market. According to experts, the lighting panel is a worthy replacement for traditional lamps. This is due to its numerous advantages over analogues. The ever-increasing consumer demand led to an increase in the number of panel luminaire manufacturers.

Panel light working principle

The growing market is forcing manufacturers to upgrade their products to improve the optical efficiency of the panels. The principle of operation of LED panel lights is technically simple. The light in them is projected by semiconductors, after which it hits the polymer surface of the lamp panel at a given angle. Thus, it creates a certain stream of light, optimized for human vision. Further, this stream of light passes through a PVC film that evenly scatters light.

Due to the variety of colors of this film, the light can be of different colors. This principle is typical for standard panels. However, LED panel lights can be equipped with additional options. For example, LED panel ledz e-Panel can even be IP54 waterproof. The standard version is IP40 protected. In all cases, it provides normal protection against dust, which is enough for almost any office or other room.

As additional options, the installation of an emergency power supply, light and motion sensors, and a light control system are available. If there is a power outage in your premises, emergency power supplies will allow the panels to continue working. And built-in light and motion sensors reduce energy consumption by turning off lights when no one is around. This system can be flexibly configured via DALI or DALI2 protocols.

The lighting panel is easily mounted in various types of ceilings in office and administrative premises. Contact for advice!

Source: lampaexpert.ru

New technology that not all customers know about

Today we are actively introducing TunableWhite technology into our luminaires. It allows you to change the color temperature of the lamp from warm to cold automatically or manually. Lighting control system based on DALI2 protocol allows you to choose the most comfortable color temperature for your eyesight. These options are also available for other lighting panels of our ledz production.

How to choose a LED panel and not make a mistake?

When choosing an LED panel, you first need to pay attention to the quality of the components. It is they who affect the life of the lamp. To do this, you can ask the seller for a test report. In our article about test reports for lighting fixtures in laboratories you will learn how not to make mistakes and make sure of the quality of the product, as well as why it is important to contact independent laboratories that do not belong to any of the lighting manufacturers.

LED panel and its design features

One of the main characteristics of the panel luminaire is the luminous flux, which shows the amount of light energy emitted. It is measured in lumens (lm, lm) and is indicated on the body of the product. After installation, an important indicator is illuminance, which characterizes how much light reaches the work surface. If the luminaire panel will be used in rooms with high humidity, then a certain degree of moisture protection is required.

If you communicate with an experienced specialist, he will always help you choose lamps for a particular space. For further installation of the lamp, you need to decide on attachment method. The choice of panel can be suspended or built-in. Before installation, you also need to choose a way to connect the lamp. For example, conventional mains power or a transit connection can be used, in which case the luminaire must have special terminal blocks.

Types and scope of LED panel lights

A wide range of products is represented by a variety of materials used, design solutions and structural features. Aluminum is most often used as the body material of the panels. Its high thermal conductivity reduces the heating of the LEDs and avoids corrosion in case of installation in wet rooms. Currently, the most popular LED lighting panels are produced in the following types of designs:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round or oval.

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    Aluminum is a plastic material, so you can experiment with the shape of the panel. Sheet metal is an alternative to aluminum. However, we do not recommend housings made of this material, since compared to aluminum, it is worse in all respects, especially thermal conductivity. Moreover, sheet steel rusts easily even after being powder coated. Such lamps are cheap and popular. For ease of installation, the lighting panel is equipped with various types of fasteners:

    • inline;
    • suspended.

    Built-in mounts are used in suspended and stretch ceilings. Suspended ones are attached directly to the ceiling, which allows you to adjust the height at which it will be located. Due to the versatility of their design, lighting panels are used in all areas. They can be used in retail, office, warehouse and industrial premises. They are also actively installed in country houses and apartments, laboratories, educational institutions. No restrictions.

    How is design versatility achieved?

    Also, in addition to the main light source, the lighting panel can also be used as an additional one. First of all, it is the backlight, which is found everywhere. Minimalistic design that can be customized to your preferences. The body of the lamp can be painted in any color, decorated with decorative elements. From several panels, you can compose a composition, connect them and get a single lamp of arbitrary shape.

    Benefits of lighting panels

    Definitely LED panel ledz e-Panel have a number of advantages over analogues. Firstly, it is a low level of energy consumption and a long service life. Secondly, the average life of our lamps is 70,000 hours. Note that the resource of Chinese LED panels is only 30,000-50,000 hours. Despite the low level of energy consumption, they are characterized by a fairly high light output of 100-120 lm/W.

    Thanks to their modern and versatile design, they easily fit into different types of interiors. The panel luminaire is the ideal solution for spaces with low floor-to-ceiling heights. Undoubtedly, this is facilitated by the small thickness of the lamps. In addition, they are easily mounted in suspended and stretch ceilings. The absence of harmful components makes the use of LED lamps environmental and safe.

    It also allows them to be disposed of by standard methods without causing additional costs. On the contrary, the use of fluorescent lamps is not always safe. They contain heavy metals. First of all, it is mercury, the release of which adversely affects human health. In addition, they emit harmful ultraviolet radiation. Subsequently, mercury fluorescent lamps require special disposal, which costs a lot, especially in the EU.

    The use of fluorescent lamps is not always safe, due to the content of harmful components. Be careful!

    Source: lampaexpert.ru


    In the office lighting segment, LED panel lights are the market leaders. First of all, this is facilitated by their efficiency, versatility and durability. Increasing growth in demand and competition forces manufacturers to constantly upgrade their products. As a result, the manufacturability of the panels increases. As a result, it became possible to control the color temperature, turn it on and off according to a given algorithm.

    And from a safety point of view, the panels can even work smoothly during a temporary power outage. The most important thing when choosing a panel luminaire, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the components. First of all, this guarantees their long service life. A high-quality lighting panel is characterized by high light output and reliability. Insufficient and excessive illumination can adversely affect a person’s vision.

    Subsequently, the attention will decrease and the mood of the people in the room will worsen. ledz e-Panel will be a great choice for your space. Meanwhile, the combination of a minimalist style, optimal design features and high functional performance distinguish it favorably among analogues. Contact our managers and they will select the best solution for you, which will allow you to save on initial costs.

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    Никита Лобосов
    Engineer and technical specialist of the Elredy group of companies. I will advise you on the choice of LED luminaires and also meet you on site if you need help choosing the right LED luminaires for your project.
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