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A new era of office lighting has arrived

The information age and its impact on manufactured lamps

Our luminaire era is characterized by the development of technological progress and production processes. The result of this is the creation of new innovative products. The lighting industry is no exception, with lighting manufacturers offering a wide range of innovative products. The new period is primarily associated with the rapid development of LED technology and related fields. The growth of this industry was noted in 2007 and continues to this day.

This was facilitated by the many advantages of this technology over fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. The high demand for LED luminaires has positively influenced the development of a competitive environment among manufacturers. At the moment, there are more than ten large manufacturers of LED lighting in Belarus. In Russia and the CIS there are already more than a thousand such companies producing lamps, and around the world – more than a million.

The Era of LED Lights

Our era and LED lights are the result of technological progress. The predecessors of these lamps were gas-discharge light sources, previously they were considered the most energy efficient among all those used. However, with the advent of LED lighting, they have lost this status. LED lamps have a number of advantages over their predecessors. First of all, it is energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

Fluorescent lamps contain gaseous mercury. If the tightness of the housing is broken, then there is a risk of poisoning with harmful vapors. There are also difficulties with the disposal of such lamps. For this, a place is organized for their collection and subsequently transferred to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. LED lamps do not contain mercury and other harmful substances. Therefore, they are safe to use and do not require special disposal.

Technological era of LED lamps

The second advantage of LED lights is efficiency. One of the main tasks of the business of our era is to reduce costs. The use of LED lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the light output of some of the best LED lamps in 2023 can reach 200 lumens per watt. As a comparison, the maximum light output of fluorescent lamps is 100 lumens per watt, while incandescent lamps are 24 lumens per watt.

Energy consumption can also be reduced by retrofitting LED panels with light and motion sensors. Thanks to this, the lamp can be set to a certain algorithm of operation. None of the predecessors can guarantee such a lifetime, averaging 50,000 hours of continuous operation. This allows significant savings in the long run. The ability to program LED lights takes lighting to a new level.

For example, an “intelligent light control system” can be used in an office lamp of our production. It allows you to change the color temperature depending on the time of day, the level of illumination in the room, or according to any given algorithm. This system works according to the DALI2 protocol and ensures reliability and uninterrupted operation. However, it is important to remember that all these advantages will only work for a long time in LED fixtures with reliable components.

How to buy an ERA lamp and get a negative experience?

The main reason for buying an Era lamp is its low cost. If you are not considering its use in the long term and are planning to replace them with others, then this option may suit you. The reason for the low cost of era led panel is their low production cost. It is achieved by using outdated components. The consequences of this can be seen already in the early stages of operation.

The same applies to other fixtures with cheap components, which are often made in China. The main negative point is connected with the power supplies of the era LED panel. According to user reviews, after half a year they fail. Now LED panels have become much more efficient than they used to be. Luminous efficiency of LED panel ledz e-Panel is 110 lm/W, in contrast to the ERA lamp, which has a light output of only 80 lm/W.

Low-quality LED panels of our era are quite common. Let us help you find reliable and durable lighting fixtures for your facility!

Typical LED panel ledz e-Panel

Inefficient ERA LED luminaires

Other analogues (Chinese panels) have the same efficiency at the level of 80-100 lm/W. This difference in light output is achieved through the use of new generation LEDs and high efficiency (driver efficiency). The quality of LEDs depends on the phosphor contained in it, the footboard material and other factors. The higher their level, the better the optical performance and therefore the LEDs give out more light.

At the same time, they consume less power from the network, thereby saving you money on electricity. Also, the optical characteristics of the LED are affected by its housing. The ceramic case cools the LED better. In this connection, it can work in a more comfortable thermal mode. The efficiency of a driver reflects its efficiency. The higher it is, the less it will consume electricity from the network and heat up less, which also improves the operation of the diodes.

Why does the era LED panel remain popular among buyers in Belarus? Unfortunately, the economic situation in Belarus and the CIS is deteriorating every year. The main buyers of era lamps are low-income state and budget organizations. Their main task is to close the necessary positions as cheaply as possible, without considering future prospects. However, many enterprises have already changed their strategy and are purchasing better products.

Principles for determining the quality of the LED panel

The quality of an LED panel is determined by its components. It is on them that the service life, safety and efficiency of using the lamp depends. The main performance indicator is light output. It is determined by dividing the optical efficiency of the LED by the power consumption of the lamp. At the same time, many manufacturers use this indicator without taking into account the losses that occur when light passes through glass and optics.

The approximate value of these losses is about 8% depending on the transparency of the glass. In order to verify the quality of the product, you can ask the seller for a test report for the selected panel. However, the seller may be unscrupulous, and will provide you with a valid protocol, and subsequently sell you a lamp with other components. How not to become a victim of deception? We have prepared separate article on the topic.

Another indicator of the quality of the LED panel is the warranty provided by the manufacturer. In order not to be disappointed with your purchase, choose lamps with a guarantee of at least 5 years. However, do not trust those who write a guarantee of 10 years. This is almost impossible to do. The body material in high-quality fixtures is often aluminum. It allows you to reduce the heating of the product during use. Cheaper fixtures use plastic or sheet metal.

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    New era and luminaires are directly related to LED technology. This is facilitated by a number of their advantages over analogues. The era of LED lighting provides an opportunity to use safe and energy-efficient technologies. However, it is worth considering the fact that in many ways, these advantages lighting depends on the quality of the components. Therefore, we advise you to contact trusted manufacturers and analyze the configuration of the selected LED panel.

    Test reports and quality certificates can help you with this. After purchase, the Era LED panel may give you a negative experience. Unreliable power supplies, according to user reviews, fail after half a year of operation. Also, the use of old-generation LEDs reduces the efficiency of the panel. For example, light output ledz e-Panel is 110 lm/W. At the same power, the closest Chinese analogue has a light output of only 80 lm/W.

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