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Our long-time partner, the Nika network, recommended us to find a solution for the CPC BLR. It was necessary to replace the lighting in the new warehouse where the company was planning to move. A typical rack storage warehouse used to be a spacious workshop room, and the arrangement of the lamps did not coincide with the required arrangement of the racks. It was also required to fully comply with all regulatory requirements for illumination and develop an inexpensive solution.


Supply and install cost-effective LED luminaires in a new warehouse. Luminaires should reduce costs by at least half, have a long service life and a guarantee of at least 5 years. For this task, we have proposed the e-Slim luminaire.

  • Strategy

    Lighting costs decreased by 65%, with a payback period of 16 months.

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Luminaire advantages

Why is e-Slim luminaire better than others?


Real IP66

The real dust and moisture
protection according to the IP66
standard is created by the O-ring.

It has no break unlike
other fixtures.



The luminaire body is made of
softened SAN plastic, and the
diffuser is made of ABS plastic.

It is much stronger than analogues
and does not shrink over time.



The clips securely and evenly
press the diffuser to the seal
along the entire perimeter.

The sealing contour achieves
IP66 protection.



The luminaire size is 1262 mm,
which corresponds to the majority
of standard LPP 2×36 luminaires.

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