Офис в Москве
Новгородская, 1-508/2,
Москва, РФ, 127576
Живой чат
Офіс у Мінску
Машэрава, 17-206,
Мінск, Беларусь, 220029
Жывы чат
Office in Vilnius
Rodūnios kel. 28-226,
Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-02187
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June 3, 2019


Stroisfera started working with our LED lamps at this facility during the reconstruction of the Belgostekhosmotr building in Vitebsk The largest general contractor in the Vitebsk region saw a lot of advantages...
  • Strategy

    Lighting costs decreased by 73%, with a payback of 9.8 months.

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