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Outdoor LED Luminaires with Automatics by ledz

Outdoor LED lights IP65

IP65 LED Street Lights are an integral part of the city at night, and road street lighting creates a safe environment on highways. In some cases, it is impossible to do without it. The length of illuminated roads, streets and avenues, even in a small Belarus, is simply huge, so outdoor LED lamps are in demand on the market. LED street lighting fixtures can save a significant amount of money in a year.

The race of street lamp manufacturers continues for these savings. The benefit of the client when choosing lighting with automation is obvious. Luminaires with automation allow you to set the on and off time, smoothly turn on and set any power level at any time of the day. A controlled luminaire will take into account summer time and to compensate for the decrease in the luminous flux of LEDs over time, the luminaire itself will gradually adjust the power so that its brightness is always the same.

Street LED lamps of own production

As a Belarusian lighting manufacturer, we have risen to the challenge of the times and developed a luminaire that outperforms many Belarusian outdoor LED IP65 luminaires with automation in many respects. ledz e-Road auto is a good and inexpensive street lamp. You can program it to work in any brightness mode at any time. Simple and reliable, the e-Road is completely repairable, and it only takes a couple of minutes to replace its driver.

The e-Road model’s automation scheme is very simple. The luminaires are programmed at the factory for the mode of operation specified by the client, and after installation in the first three days you turn them on at a certain time. They determine their location and adjust to your time zone. Then the automation itself will control the lamps without your participation. We can also provide for the possibility of adjusting the fixtures without dismantling them, since initially all models are programmed only at the factory.

LED street lamp IP65, street LED lamps, price for street lamps in Minsk and Moscow

Source: raylux.ru

Adjustment of street lighting

In this case, you will have the opportunity to invite our specialist and change the existing mode of their operation without sending the lamp to the factory. You can also install a GSM modem, which will allow using a special program to control the lamps at a distance, changing their programmed mode of operation. This feature is useful when the dispatcher is at a great distance from the luminaires themselves. In addition, it will allow you to track down the failed lamps and quickly repair them.

To program the mode of operation of the lamps, you choose the time to turn on and off, how smoothly it should turn on (for example, in summer the lamp turns on from 0% to 100% power from 19:00 to 22:00, and turns off from 100% to 0% from 04:00 to 06:00), daylight saving time and other details. When ordering, we ask customers to complete our questionnaire with a description of the required operating mode. In addition to the auto model, you can buy outdoor LED lights that can be controlled online.

IP65 Outdoor LED Lights with Cloud Control

LED street lighting fixtures with control in Belarus are produced by several companies. All of their models have a traditional design for such fixtures: a sealed cast or drawn aluminum housing with a driver inside. Often they consist of many separate elements, which only complicate and make the lamp heavier. This extra piece of metal is completely useless as it doesn’t provide any cooling or light output benefits – it’s just a heavy and expensive fixture.

Some competitors’ luminaires weigh as much as 14.5 kg at 250 W. In comparison, our e-Road 206 DL luminaires weigh just 4.4 kg at 206 W. Why would you overpay for extra aluminum in the case? Choose IP65 outdoor LED luminaires from ledz factory! In addition, we will set up our lamps for free, just the way you need it. The standard programmed controller allows you to fully control the power of the luminaire at any time, without requiring maintenance and adjustment.

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    The price of street lamps and maintenance of automation

    We offer more demanding customers different service options. Luminaires can be programmed at the factory or we can provide customization access to the customer if there are enough luminaires. Light and/or motion sensors can be integrated into the overall lighting control system. Each luminaire can be equipped with a wired or wireless controller to control the luminaires online using special software.

    The e-Road luminaires can be integrated into an existing automated outdoor lighting control system (AOLCS). This is useful when modernizing the lighting system. If the control system is created from scratch, we can make it on a turnkey basis based on German components with data transmission via GSM. Installation of street lamps and an outdoor lighting control cabinet (SHUNO), together with adjustment, can be performed by employees of our Elredi group of companies or partners.

    How quickly will IP65 outdoor LED luminaires pay off?

    From the point of view of efficiency, luminaires with automation outperform analogues without automation. If you calculate the payback period, then in both options it will be almost the same. An automatic luminaire saves more money in a year, but costs a little more. Here we recommend paying attention to the design and advantages of the luminaire itself. Subsequent operating costs directly depend on the durability of the fixtures and in many respects on the reputation of their brand.

    When developing an individual lighting control system, thanks to the flexibility of ledz equipment, you can set absolutely any tasks for us. Various control protocols are available to choose from: PWM 1…10 V, DALI, knx, ZigBee, PLC and others. For example, the PLC protocol allows you to transmit a signal from the dispatcher to the luminaire via a 230/400 V power wire. This gives a huge advantage in the existing power network, since there is no need to lay control cables, because the power wires have already been laid.


    More about communication protocols for control of lighting systems we will cover in our next article. The price of street lamps is an important indicator that you should pay attention to. We recommend that when choosing a manufacturer, pay attention not only to the price, but also to the brand’s reputation and failure statistics. In the vast majority of cases, the low price of street lamps corresponds to the low quality of the components. They will be less durable and less energy efficient.

    As a result, you will overpay in the future much more than you would pay right away. Contact us and ledz engineers will prepare lighting calculations for you. We will offer several options to choose from and provide test samples for free. Our experts have completed lighting objects throughout Belarus. We will help you choose the right lamps that will bring you benefits and will last a long time. Call us and we will always answer. Our consultations are completely free for everyone!

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    Артур Лялюго
    CTO and co-founder of the Elredy group of companies, developer of LED luminaries and components for them, M.Sc. I will meet with you in person in any country if you want to discuss a custom product order or a major deal.
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