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LED Street Luminaires e-Road for Any Road

Street lamps in cities are obsolete

Street lights in the city can be distinguished from any other by their unpleasant yellow light. Under their light, everything around seems impersonal, discolored and dull. Details blend together and the silhouettes of people are barely visible on poorly lit pedestrian crossings. This is how HPS lamps shine. It can be deciphered as an arc mercury lamp with sodium additives, which give the lamp a yellow tint. Despite its shortcomings, HPS lamps began to be used everywhere due to their efficiency.

These lamps have many other disadvantages. However, at one time they were very widespread throughout the world. They began to be used in street, road and architectural lighting. In addition to yellow HPS lamps, DRL lamps (or their modification DRI) are also used. They shine with white light, have improved color rendering. The resource of these discharge lamps is less, they are more expensive and less energy efficient, so they are used less frequently. Street lamps with HPS and DRL lamps are usually labeled as ZhKU and RKU, respectively.

LED console lights

Outdated street lights are now being replaced with LED console lights (marked as DKU). They surpass the existing traditional models in all respects. Even for the price, some of our models cost exactly the same. Important advantages that outdoor console LED luminaires provide today are, first of all, economy, durability and correct color reproduction. And this improves visibility on the road and reduces the number of accidents.

When developing a street LED lamp, we first of all took into account the wishes of operating organizations. Among them are DEU, DSTU, Gorsvetov and electrical installation organizations. For them, it is important that the lamp works without failures for as long as possible, because its replacement requires an aerial platform and the time of a couple of employees. They would also like to have a street light that can be easily installed and removed, and quickly repaired right on the pole.

Outdoor LED lamps, buy outdoor LED lamps in Minsk and Moscow

Source: raylux.ru

e-Road LED Street Lights

Outdoor LED luminaires ledz e-Road are designed for installation on poles from 4 to 12 meters high. The cantilever mount fits any pipe diameter up to 60mm and makes it easy to install the luminaire. It is necessary to loosen only two M8 bolts and connect the power cable to the sealed input. Thanks to such constructive solutions, an electrician can install a luminaire on a support in just a couple of minutes. This is a big advantage for electrical installation organizations.

In case of failure, ordinary lamps must first be removed, sent to the factory, and wait for repair. Then get them back and hang them on a support. As a result, in the event of a breakdown, it is required to order an aerial platform twice, hire electricians to replace it and pay half an hour of their working time for each damaged lamp. Let’s add here the average cost of renting an aerial platform $40 per hour plus gasoline, since the lamp can break down 100-150 km from the nearest base, and as a result we get a large amount.

Street lights are very reliable

The percentage of failures of the e-Road luminaire is minimal. We only use sealed MeanWell ELG, XLG and HLG drivers with IP67 protection. They are protected against short-term impulse surges, overheating and have galvanic isolation. Thanks to the open housing, the aluminum profile cools well, removing heat from the LEDs. Therefore, they work in a comfortable temperature regime and have a resource of more than 100,000 hours. At the same time, all important nodes have IP66 protection.

The luminaire body allows repair or replacement of components in 5 minutes directly on the pole. Sealed terminal blocks are filled with hydrophobic gel and connect the driver to the LEDs, preventing moisture from entering the contacts. To replace the driver, it is enough to manually remove the plastic top cover (option at no extra charge), disconnect the driver, disconnect from the LEDs and the network cable, and then reconnect the new driver in reverse order. A complete replacement will take no more than 5 minutes.

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    Operation of street lamps

    Many customers do not take into account operating costs when buying, choosing cheaper fixtures. It is only after the purchase that they are usually disappointed in their choice. Our street lights ledz e-Road is the right choice. It eliminates all the shortcomings of competitors’ fixtures and has a lot of advantages that are beneficial to operating organizations, contractors, end customers and distributors. Let’s summarize the benefits that you will receive after purchasing our luminaire:

    • the e-Road is lightweight yet very durable (at 206 W it only weighs 4.4 kg)
    • installation only takes a couple of minutes by one electrician
    • any repair of the lamp directly on the support in 5 minutes
    • any form of luminous intensity curve (KCC) is available to choose from, the variety of optics of the Finnish LEDiL brand allows the use of lamps on roads of any category from G2 to M8
    • branded drivers are used and only with built-in self-healing surge and surge protection, galvanic isolation and IP67 protection
    • the production is located in Minsk, so we will promptly replace and/or repair any lamp


    Street lights e-Road today will replace any other similar models of competitors. The factory price makes them very attractive, as many dealers offer you foreign-made products that include long distance shipping and an additional surcharge on warranty returns. We produce lamps ourselves and always keep the component base in stock for urgent production and prompt warranty service.

    Start working with us, and we will perform lighting calculations for you, offer several options to choose from and provide samples for testing. For free! Specialists of our group of companies Elredi have completed many objects in Belarus. All of them were implemented flawlessly and on time. If you want to buy street lamps, then we will be happy to help you choose the right one. Call us and we will always help. Our consultations are completely free for everyone!

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    Артур Лялюго
    CTO and co-founder of the Elredy group of companies, developer of LED luminaries and components for them, M.Sc. I will meet with you in person in any country if you want to discuss a custom product order or a major deal.
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