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Would You Buy Such a Street Light?

DKU street lamp

DKU street lamp stands for LED cantilever outdoor. From the name it follows that it is installed on the console, pipe. There are options when the console itself is installed on the wall. They are often used to illuminate entrances, adjacent areas of housing and communal services and similar tasks. Now the lamp made of aluminum profile or cast aluminum is popular. Previously, such models were made by pressing sheet metal and were bulky and heavy.

You can now buy street lamps in Minsk in any lighting company. However, each product has its own disadvantages and advantages. We will tell you about some of them so that you can choose them yourself. Look at the street lamps in Minsk, and you will see that different models are installed on each street. We believe that this is not very good, since such diversity worsens interchangeability. It also worsens the picture of road illumination.

Analogues of DKU street lamps

Before DKU outdoor LED luminaire appeared on the market, customers bought other models. In most cases, they worked with HPS or DRL lamps. But sometimes they were equipped with MGL lamps. Almost every DKU street lamp in Minsk has a HPS discharge lamp inside. It has a lot of disadvantages and only one advantage that allowed it to become so popular. Among the shortcomings, one can note the rather large size of the lamp, which complicates the manufacture of the housing and reflector.

Its main negative point is an unpleasant spectrum of light with low color rendering. The DNaT lamp shines with an unpleasant yellow light, in which the colors of the surrounding elements become almost indistinguishable. A similar effect occurs in a store where inexpensive Chinese lamps are installed. You look at jeans and they look purple to you. But when you go out into the sunlight or under good lighting, you will see that they are dark blue. It’s good that color reproduction is not a determining factor on the road.

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Source: raylux.ru

How to buy street lamps in Minsk and not regret it?

It happens that you need to buy street lamps in Minsk, choosing from a dozen different suppliers and manufacturers. How to do this if everyone praises their product and no one has shortcomings? Some benefits! Check out our article where we offer you a detailed flow of steps on how to select a luminaire supplier, even if they submitted lamp test report. We hope that it will allow you to avoid sharp mistakes when buying and protect you.

Which street lamp at the DKU in Minsk surprised us?

We recorded this video when we saw a DKU street lamp at an object significant for the city. A traditional console-type model “hung” on the pole, holding only on the power cable. The arm broke and the luminaire hung on the support. Obviously, the client bought them because of the low price and did not take into account other criteria. It is important to pay attention to the design of the housing, the life of the LEDs, and the warranty period. It is also worth asking the supplier for a luminaire test report from an independent laboratory.

The protocol is an effective way to check the parameters of a luminaire. In addition to it, you need to request a working serial sample and get a list of objects where the lamps are installed. We recommend company owners, customers, contractors and designers to pay attention not only to the price. Of course, you need to compare competitive offers, but if you buy a cheap product, there can be consequences. Look at the video, which DKU street lamp we saw in Minsk.

Street lamps for significant city objects

The surrounding area near the rhythmic gymnastics center in Minsk is illuminated by approximately 15-20 such street lamps. If the bracket broke at the time of any event, when there would be a lot of people there, and at the same time the power cable was cut off, the consequences could be sad. A luminaire of this design weighs an average of 2-2.5 kg, so it is surprising that the cable withstood its weight. All other fixtures have the same design as the broken one. There is a chance that the problem will recur with them.

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    DKU street lamp ledz e-Road completely exclude such a probability of breaking off the support even with winds up to 120 km/h. The special design of the housing, consisting of two aluminum profiles, pre-anodized and inserted into each other with the help of a special engagement, allows you to securely fix the housing on a support of any diameter from 48 to 60 mm, while the support does not have to be round, it is possible to mount it on a square, rectangular, triangular or even oval pipe.

    It is also an important advantage that the luminaire can be repaired directly on the support – the kit includes spare sealed terminal blocks with hydrophobic gel, which connect the new driver. The contractor’s costs are halved, since with our lamps you need to order an aerial platform only once during the repair (or replacement of the lamp). Please contact our ledz lighting engineers! We will advise you free of charge on any questions about street lamps.

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