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What Should LED Luminaires for Malls and Shops be Like?

Retail fixtures

Recently, there has been a rapid growth in retail space in our country. New retail chains appear, foreign brands come, which could not be observed before. Retailers also experienced a change: big business became even bigger and after the conquest of large cities began to leave cities for settlements. Eurotorg acquired several more brands (Dobronom and Brusnichka) so as not to fall into the hands of MART, and continued to increase the number of its retail space.

Shoproom lighting

A significant part of the cost of each retail facility goes to its lighting. Proper lighting of the shop floor, together with marketing, is the key to successful sales, and therefore it is important to pay special attention to it. Traditionally in the CIS, the quality of lighting depends on the experience of designers, since only they can influence the technical solution until the moment of purchase. There are very few electrical designers who understand the intricacies of retail lighting.

If you want to buy lighting for the store, save yourself from mistakes, then contact the professionals. Retail and store retail coverage is usually divided into general and local. General lighting in retail facilities is often called linear, and local lighting is called track lighting, since in local lighting now mainly LED track lights are used on the busbar. Linear luminaires are usually installed in continuous lines or square grid.

Lighting for retailers

Trading lights for retailers must first of all solve several problems:

  • raise the illumination level to 800-1000 lux with a safety factor of at least 0.9
  • eliminate shadows on products with optimal placement between racks in a line or grid
  • Bring out package colors with high color rendering and eliminate glare with frosted or opal glass
  • be aesthetic and invisible to the buyer, do not hang over them, and for this it is necessary to exclude bulky structures
  • work without failures for as long as possible, be able to quickly repair a failed lamp without disassembling the entire structure, and preferably right on the spot
  • Each lamp must be interchangeable and universal, so that when the racks are rearranged, the entire structure can be easily rearranged to other positions without the help of special organizations

LED spotlight

LED luminaire for trading floors ledz e-Trade designed with taking into account the requirements of retailers and solves all the tasks described above. Each retail chain has its own requirements for lighting. Euroopt requires illumination of at least 800 lux at a level of 0.8 meters from the floor between the racks and 1200 above the cash registers. Green tries to arrange the fixtures in such a way as to get over 1000 lux at the level of 0.8 meters. SPAR requires 1000 lux at 1.1 meters and luminaires with a color temperature of 3000 K.

Trade lamps, trade lighting of trading floors of shops, buy lighting for a shop in Minsk and Moscow

Commercial lighting

We produce similar retail luminaires ledz e-Line with a flat diffuser. They have many modifications, so you can choose the power that suits you in any case length. From 10 to 110 W and from 0.3 to 3.0 meters in one lamp. Choose from frosted, clear glass or LEDiL optics. The frosted glass is made of optical polystyrene. It simultaneously eliminates glare, creating a soft, even glow, and lets in a lot of light.

For the extrusion of glass in e-Trade, materials from the Mitsubishi concern are used. Thanks to them, it was possible to achieve unique light parameters. No LED dots are visible when turned on and the transparency of the glass is 82%, compared to 50% for a conventional matte Arlight diffuser. As a standard, we install rulers with Samsung LEDs. They are comparable in their parameters to the popular chips from OSRAM. At the request of the client, we can install any other Lumileds or Nichia LEDs on the boards.

Buy LED lighting to increase sales

If you buy lighting for your store correctly, you can increase sales. This was proved by American marketers long before the appearance of large retailers. Here it is worth noting the fact that high-quality lighting means not only high illumination, but an integrated approach, taking into account the use of lamps with high color rendering and color temperature for certain groups of goods. For meat – a special reddish tint, cheese and sausage – warm shades, and fish and alcohol – cold.

For linear retail lighting, we recommend using LEDs with a color rendering of at least 85 CRI and a color temperature of 3500-4000 K. This is the optimal ratio of parameters at which the light output of the luminaires is almost maximum. With higher color rendering and warmer color temperatures, light output is significantly reduced. Such lamps pay off more slowly, but are much more expensive. These are special lamps for lighting, printing industries, photo studios.

Track lighting for salesrooms

Track lighting for salesrooms ledz e-Track can be high color rendering for local highlighting of expensive goods or goods in bright packaging. For example, elite alcohol, children’s toys, expensive cheeses, smoked and dried sausages can be distinguished. Track lights each product category uses its own light spectrum, in which case each light emphasizes natural colors of a certain product, and this method, when used correctly, can increase sales.

Today, many networks use outdated fluorescent retail lighting. Once it was considered a standard and was used everywhere. Now is the time to admit the mistakes of the past and switch to more economical LED retail lights. True, not everyone is in a hurry to keep up with the times. Look up when you go shopping. In most cases, you will see fluorescent lamps with a high content of mercury, lead and other harmful metals.

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    LED retail lighting in Europe

    In Europe, many retailers are now switching their facilities to LED retail lights. Replacement pays for itself in less than a year, LED fixtures are maintenance-free and provide more natural, flicker-free lighting than fluorescent fixtures. In Belarus, taking into account the high cost of electricity, the payback period will be the same as in Europe. Here are a couple of examples of calculations for some objects where they plan to switch to LED lighting or have already switched:

    • GUM (payback 6.2 months, investment $5.3K)
    • Nika, Vitebsk (payback 11.6 months, investment $19.5K)
    • Eurotorg (payback 13.1 months, investment $16.1K)
    • Bigzz (payback 7.4 months, investment $13.2K)

    Optimal placement of retail lighting

    The numbers are impressive, and we have achieved them thanks to our experienced professionals in the field, who know the hidden savings opportunities in such projects. One such point that we found concerns the way the fixtures are arranged. The best option is to place linear fixtures exactly between the racks. By this we achieve the most efficient distribution of light along the shelves and the illumination increases without adding additional lamps.


    If we place the lamps not between, but perpendicular to the racks, then the illumination will be 25% lower. On the other hand, to bring the illumination to the previous level, you will have to increase the number of fixtures by 30%. Many networks place linear luminaires incorrectly, hence the overspending of electricity and degraded lighting performance. You can also arrange the lamps in a square grid with a cell of a certain size, as they do in some shopping centers.

    We consider this arrangement to be suboptimal as it requires more fixtures. This makes the project expensive and beneficial in case of frequent rearrangements of racks in the sales area of the facility. Often only during the repair, which is carried out along with the rearrangement of lighting. We think it would be better to keep a balance between general linear and track lighting. And we wish you to buy store lighting from a supplier who will help you avoid expensive mistakes!

    Author avatar
    Артур Лялюго
    CTO and co-founder of the Elredy group of companies, developer of LED luminaries and components for them, M.Sc. I will meet with you in person in any country if you want to discuss a custom product order or a major deal.
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