ledz e-Track


LED track luminaires ledz e-Track are designed for accent lighting of trading floors of shops and hypermarkets, as well as for designer lighting. The Italian driver is built into the three-phase adapter, due to this it turned out to create a concise case without bulky boxes, unlike competitors fixtures. The lumiaires create a unique lighting of your products thanks to LEDs with high optical parameters and various light spectra (for red meat, fish, cheese, bread, fruit, vegetables, alcohol and clothes). Color rendering up to 100 Ra and power up to 40 W. Three standard body colors (white, gray and black), which can be painted in any RAL color on request. A lighting control system is also possible thanks to a dedicated six-pole track and DALI and Bluetooth protocol.

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lifetime LM70


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the necessary components and options.

COB-LEDs of any colors and shades

faceted reflectors with different angles

dimmable brightness from 0 to 100%

patch ceiling mount with track element

paint the luminaires in any color RAL

automatic lighting control system by busline

Track LED luminaires ledz e-Track are used in malls, retail stores, clothing stores, restaurants and designer interiors. They are installed on a suspended three-phase busbar (purchased separately). An Italian driver with a 10-year warranty is fully integrated into the adapter, so the case looks compact and concise without bulky boxes in competitors’ fixtures. We produce track lights of various capacities up to 40 W and color rendering index up to 100 Ra.

The casings of our e-Track luminaires are standardly white, gray and black, and can be painted in any color from the RAL gallery. Faceted reflectors are available with different light scattering angles of 24°, 40°, 60° for precise selection of the light beam. You can choose LEDs of various color temperatures with special shades for meat, fish, cheese, bread, fruits, vegetables and alcohol, as well as optionally order COB-LEDs of any colors and shades to solve any of your tasks.

Tracked LED lamps ledz e-Track 900 J0 from the Belarusian manufacturer, buy track lights for busbar trunking in Minsk
Rotate 350°

The housing of the luminaire can be directed to either side thanks to a pivoting fixture that provides 350° rotation in any direction


Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs from Lumileds, Seoul or Citizen with improved heat dissipation provide high light output and optional color reproduction up to 100Ra

Reflectors with different angles

A choice of aluminum polished reflectors with different angles from 24° to 60°, which together with high-purity polycarbonate will provide high light output

Driver in adapter

The driver is placed in the busbar adapter, which allows not to overheat the driver with heat from the LED and to achieve a concise design of the case without extra boxes

10 years driver warranty

The Italian driver inside has a 10-year warranty, so you can be assured of the durability of your e-Track

The components for our LED track lights are produced by world leaders in the field of lighting, therefore they are of exceptional quality and reliability, and the result of the illumination of your object will always be excellent. The thermal padding under the LEDs provides good heat dissipation, while the all-aluminum die-cast housing reliably cools the COB LEDs and saves its service life. Optionally, we can install the driver version with the possibility of dimming from 0 to 100%.

Management will be carried out directly through the busbar. In addition, you can order the automation and lighting control system according to DALI or Bluetooth, where in online mode you can see the brightness level of each lamp and check its serviceability. Our engineers will calculate the full specification for your facility, which will take into account tracks, bushings, connecting and corner sections, suspensions and other necessary elements.

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    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A



    PMMA (transparent smooth)


    Lumileds, Seoul, Citizen, Samsung


    on a three-phase track

    Color, K

    1900, 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000


    70-95 Ra


    not less than IP20


    198-264 V




    from 0 to +40°C


    Model Watts Lumens CRI
    700 J0-309 27.1 2 670 3.0K 95Ra
    700 J0-408 27.1 3 099 4.0K 85Ra
    700 J0-507 27.1 3 403 5.0K 75Ra
    700 J0-RM 27.1 1 638 red meat
    700 J0-PR 27.1 2 393 fruits, greens
    700 J0-BD 27.1 2 479 bread, cheese
    700 J0-FS 27.1 2 555 fish
    700 J0-CS 27.1 2 137 clothes
    900 J0-309 34.9 3 252 3.0K 95Ra
    900 J0-408 34.9 3 784 4.0K 85Ra
    900 J0-507 34.9 4 145 5.0K 75Ra
    900 J0-RM 34.9 2 150 red meat
    900 J0-PR 34.9 3 142 fruits, greens
    900 J0-BD 34.9 3 254 bread, cheese
    900 J0-FS 34.9 3 354 fish
    900 J0-CS 34.9 2 724 clothes
    1050 J0-309 40.7 3 605 3.0K 95Ra
    1050 J0-408 40.7 4 184 4.0K 85Ra
    1050 J0-507 40.7 4 594 5.0K 75Ra
    1050 J0-RM 40.7 2 383 red meat
    1050 J0-PR 40.7 3 482 fruits, greens
    1050 J0-BD 40.7 3 606 bread, cheese
    1050 J0-FS 40.7 3 718 fish
    1050 J0-CS 40.7 3 110 clothes