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The universal industrial LED luminaire e-Slim is designed for rooms with high humidity, dust and it withstands harsh environments (washing, service stations, meat processing plants, pig farms, chicken coops and others). The case is made of rubberized ABS plastic, which retains its strength, and the diffuser is made of SAN plastic, which does not crack and does not turn yellow over time, unlike other analogues. An O-ring seal with ten clamping clips and a German gland PG13.5 provides protection against moisture and dust IP65, and a reliable Czech driver protects luminaire against small overvoltages in the network. Various options are available: microwave motion sensors, dimming, automation, switches, pressure equalization valves and many others.

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In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the necessary components and options.

emergency power supply unit for 1 or 3 hours

pressure equalization valves with IP68

dimmable brightness from 0 to 100%

built-in microwave motion and light sensors

version with external switch on the wire

wired and wireless lighting control

The universal ledz e-Slim LED luminaires in a plastic case can be used in industrial plants, warehouses, swimming pools, service stations, premises with high humidity and dustiness. The case of rubberized ABS plastic allows you to open-close the luminaire many times, does not crack with time and does not turn yellow, unlike similar housings from other manufacturers. Smooth body can be washed using a high pressure washer with a limited list of nozzles. Optionally can be equipped with a pressure equalization valve.

LED industrial light e-Slim is very light and durable, and most importantly – while it has real protection IP65. An annular seal, extruded into the body cavity by a CNC-controlled robot, creates a closed loop to protect against dust and moisture, and the clips located along the perimeter firmly press the cover to the seal. The lampshade is made of SAN plastic, which retains its light transmission parameters, does not become cloudy and does not turn yellow for more than 20 years.

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O-ring seal

The current dust protection in accordance with the IP65 standard creates an annular seal without breaks, unlike other luminaires with an inserted seal that has a gap

Robust housing

The luminaire body is made of softened ABS plastic, which is stronger than analogs and does not shrink with time, and the matte diffuser does not grow turbid with time

Convenient clips

The clips reliably and evenly press the diffuser to the seal all along the perimeter, creating a protection loop to achieve the IP65 standard

The most popular size

The size of the luminaire is 1262 mm, which corresponds to the majority of standard luminaires 2×36, so after replacement it will not be visible dark patches from under the old lamp

There is also a version of e-Slim em with a built-in emergency power unit, which allows the luminaire to work for 1 or 3 hours in the absence of mains voltage depending on the version of the unit. The luminaire will work at a quarter of the nominal brightness (this should be enough to evacuate people). Additionally, it is possible to install a microwave motion or availability sensor that monitors movement within a given sensitivity with a given sensitivity, that can be customized.

Such a microwave sensor works even through the ceiling, so the dust and moisture protection IP65 of luminaire is fully preserved. For the equipment of workplaces (sewing shops, electronic productions, medical laboratories and others), a version of the fixture with a switch is perfect. A model with a dimmable driver is available (you must purchase a dimmer separately), the brightness is adjustable from 0 to 100%. If you need other special options, let us know and we will fulfill any of your orders.

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    plastic rubberized


    PMMA (translucent matte)


    Nichia, OSRAM, Samsung, Edison


    overhead, suspension

    Color, K

    4000, 5000 К


    80 Ra


    not less than IP65


    176-264 V




    from -15 to +40°C


    Model Watts Lumens Dimensions
    120-175 aM 19.6 2 135 1262х124х85
    120-350 aM 39.2 4 270 1262х124х85
    120-500 aM 58.8 6 405 1262х124х85