ledz e-Road


The unique LED street luminaire e-Road is designed for installation on a pipe (console) with a diameter of 45 to 60 mm. The luminaire is very compact and lightweight, as the tube enters the its body. e-Road components are easy to replace: the driver and LEDs are connected using sealed terminal blocks from the USA. Optionally, the top cover is removed, which allows, if necessary, to carry out repairs directly on the support. The luminaire of your choice is completed with LEDiL optics with various light intensity curves (DWC, ME, 90°), Novattro transparent flat polycarbonate or silicate glass diffuser. There is a version with the ability to set the desired mode of operation for you.

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In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the necessary components and options.

version with removable top cover

input and transit pressure seals IP68

paint the luminaires in any color RAL

programmable operation mode

console-swivel luminaire mount

any optics for all roads and highways

version for higher temperature

wired and wireless lighting control

Outdoor LED console luminaires ledz e-Road can be used on roads, highways, motorways, parking lots and local areas. The unique design of the aluminum housing of the luminaire allows the installation of Finnish LEDiL optics, flat transparent or matte Novattro polycarbonate diffuser or silicate glass. ledz streetlight is very light and compact: at a power of 206 watts, it weighs only 4.4 kg, this can significantly reduce wind loads on poles and make the luminaire more profitable in price.

Optionally, a removable plastic cover is installed, which closes the compartment with a sealed waterproof driver and provides quick access to it. Sealed 3M terminal blocks filled with hydrophobic gel make it easy to replace the driver directly on the pole without removing the luminaire. This facilitates the operation and reduces the costs of organizations servicing these fixtures. The aluminum profile has an anodized coating to protect the metal from oxidation.

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Waterproof IP66

Inside the luminaire, a waterproof driver with IP67 protection is installed, and all connections are made with sealed terminal blocks with a hydrophobic gel

Screws made of steel

Screws made of stainless steel do not rust even in rooms with an aggressive environment, so you can install our industrial luminaire on any objects

Diffusers and optics

We use only modern diffusers Novattro and Finnish lenses LEDiL, which have the maximum transparency among the analogs – up to 94%

Body designed for heat dissipation

The case of our luminaire is designed in a thermodynamic program, which made it possible to know in advance the maximum power of the heat sink – at a power of 206 W the luminary weighs only 4.4 kg!

Console mounting

The console comes inside the fixture and is fastened with 4 bolts. This allowed to create a compact body and securely fix it on any support up to Ø60 mm, even on an oval or square pipe

The e-Road luminaire has a wide power range from 28 to 246 W and many options. You can choose a fixture for any of your object, ranging from courtyard lighting to the M6 motorway. Our engineers will perform 3D-illumination calculations and will help you to select the optimal LEDiL optics with the necessary CIL (DWC, ME, 90° and others). This will reduce the uneven illumination of the roadway, parking to the required minimum or completely eliminate the spots of light and shade.

Optionally, the luminaire can be controlled remotely by wire or wirelessly. For the system operation, one controller is additionally installed for a group of up to 256 luminaires, and in the case of transmission of commands over long distances, another GSM-transmitter. There is also a version of the fixture with a programmable operation mode with up to a minute: the time of switching on, off, reducing, increasing the brightness are set at the time of manufacture and can be changed at any time.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

aluminum anodized


PMMA Novattro (transparent, matte), optics LEDiL


OSRAM, Samsung, Everlight


cantilevered (per pipe up to 58 mm)

Color, K

4000, 5000 К


70, 80 Ra


not less than IP65


176-264 V




from -50 to +50°C


Model Power, W Flux, lm LxWxH, mm
29 D0 / DL cool 29 3 170 / 3 310 320х87х105
43 D0 / DL 43 4 410 / 4 605 320х87х105
55 D0 / DL cool 55 6 340 / 6 620 380х87х105
60 D0 60 7 170 480х87х105
82 D0 / DL 82 8 820 / 9 210 380х87х105
82 D0 / DL cool 82 9 510 / 9 930 570х87х105
109 D0 / DL cool 109 12 680 / 13 240 760х87х105
120 D0 120 14 340 910х87х105
123 D0 / DL 123 13 230 / 13 820 570х87х105
137 D0 / DL cool 137 15 850 / 16 550 950х87х105
164 D0 / DL 164 17 640 / 18 420 760х87х105
164 D0 / DL cool 164 19 020 / 19 870 1 140х87х105
180 D0 180 21 510 1 350х87х105
206 D0 / DL 206 22 050 / 23 050 950х87х105