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Office LED luminaires ledz e-Office are designed for installation in office and administrative premises. They are installed in the Armstrong ceiling, drywall, overhead and on the suspension. The luminaires are very simple and convenient to install, the built-in double spring terminal block Wago makes it easy to connect not only the power supply cable, but also the transit cable for connecting via a chain (model gM). A matt or prismatic polystyrene diffuser is available that eliminates glare, and reliable electronics protects the luminaire from overvoltage. Available with IP54 protection, with emergency power supply for 1 or 3 hours. There is a version of the luminaire of a similar LED panel for uniformity of illumination. Model gM is very advantageous for the ratio lm/W.

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In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the necessary components and options.

emergency power supply unit for 1 or 3 hours

pendant mount and clamps in plasterboard

dimmable brightness from 0 to 100%

built-in microwave motion and light sensors

wireless lamp activation and dimming

wired and wireless lighting control

There are three versions of ledz e-Office luminaire to choose from: hM – model in an aluminum profile case, suspended on cables, built into Armstrong and a ceiling slip; gM – model in a sheet metal case, embedded only in Armstrong and drywall; fM – model in a sheet metal case, recessed into Armstrong and laid on the ceiling. The choice of prismatic or matte diffuser made of polystyrene with high optical parameters, which completely eliminates the glare effect.

e-Office LED office luminaire is very light and durable: with a power of 50 W, the lamp weighs only 2.5 kg. Optionally, the model with the index em is completed with an emergency power supply unit, which allows you to work without electricity for one to three hours to safely evacuate employees. You can also choose a model with a built-in microwave motion sensor that works from the inside of the case through the diffuser and due to this it is completely invisible.

Housing fixtures are made of sheet metal, aluminum, and their visible parts are painted with white powder paint. Under the order we can paint them in any other colors from the RAL palette. For some models, cable suspensions or springs are optionally available for installation in drywall. Suspensions can be adjusted in height after installation. In addition, there are models of fixtures kM for installation in the ceiling Grilyato, which differ from the standard in its size.

For wet rooms or rooms with other special conditions there are luminaires with high dust and moisture protection IP54. Optionally, we can complement any luminaire model with a wireless enable and dimming module from 0 to 100% of the luminous flux (a wireless switch or dimmer is required for the system to work). In addition, you can order a lighting control system: turn on and off, increase and decrease the brightness, set the work schedule for each luminaire individually.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



PMMA (prismatic, matte)


Nichia, Philips, Samsung


embedded (Armstrong, Grilyato), overhead, suspended

Color, K

4000, 5000 К


70, 80 Ra


not less than IP20


176-264 V




from 0 to +40°C


Model Watts Lumens Dimensions
6060-350 gM 32 3 550 595х595х25
30120-350 gM 32 3 550 1195х295х25
6060-350 hM 38 3 854 595х595х40
6060-500 hM 50 5 173 595х595х40
3060-350 hM 30 3 043 595х295х40
30120-350 hM 38 3 854 1195х295х40
30120-700 hM 76 7 700 1195х295х40
60120-350 hM 76 7 700 1195х595х40
6060-350 fM 32 3 144 595х595х55
6060-500 fM 48 4 361 595х595х55
30120-350 fM 38 3 350 1195х295х55
30120-700 fM 76 6 800 1195х295х55
6060-350 jM 36 3 100 595х595х25