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LED industrial and household anti-vandal luminaires e-Home are suitable for any room with high humidity, outdoors and for housing and utilities facilities. The cast aluminum housing of the luminaire is powder painted and fully protected from unauthorized removal thanks to the screws with the unscrewing lock. Dust and moisture protection complies with IP65. It is installed on a flat surface, and the power cable is hidden under the case. The shock-resistant opaque diffuser of the luminaire gives soft uniform light. Standardly there are two options for the case: round and oval, as well as two options for the power of 10 and 18 W. The typical case color is white, but optionally it can be painted in any RAL color. Soon it is planned to go on sale version 12-36 V.

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lifetime LM70


In addition to the basic configuration, you can select the necessary components and options.

built-in microwave motion and light sensors

pressure equalization valves with IP68

dimmable brightness from 0 to 100%

paint the luminaires in any color RAL

Household lighting fixtures ledz e-Home LED are suitable for any outbuildings and places with high humidity. The lamp is fully protected from strikes and removal attempts, and thanks to its anti-vandal execution it is almost impossible to destroy. The case has a surface design, hidden internal anchors, as well as Torx/Allen screws will not allow to quickly steal or damage the luminaire. Polycarbonate diffuser is also impact resistant and retains its optical and strength properties for a long time.

The luminaire has IP65 protection, so it can be used almost everywhere: in underground passages, for lighting entrances, housing and public utilities needs, in basements, pools and shower rooms. The protective matte diffuser is slightly thickened to increase impact resistance and, at the same time, it allows a lot of light to pass through without compromising the energy efficiency of the e-Home luminaire. The body is powder coated, which is very resistant to mechanical stress and protects the body from oxidation.

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Vandal-proof housing

Anti-vandal aluminum housing with a shock-resistant polycarbonate diffuser is fully protected from dust and moisture according to IP65

Stainless steel screws

Stainless steel screws do not rust even in rooms with aggressive environment, so you can install our industrial luminaire on any objects

Polycarbonate diffuser

Shock resistant diffuser made of polycarbonate, which long retains optical properties and its strength

Unlike inexpensive Chinese counterparts in a plastic case, e-Home in an aluminum case will work reliably for many years. The standard color of the body of the luminaires is white, but we can paint them in any color from the RAL gallery. Optionally, a pressure equalization valve can be completed, which will allow heated air to go outside and let in cooled air, while the membrane will not allow condensation to form inside. This will extend the life of electronic components.

There is also a version of the e-Home luminaire with a low voltage driver for 12-36 V with an index lv, which will provide class III protection against electric shock. Optionally, we can equip the luminaire with a microwave motion sensor that will work through the diffuser, or a noise sensor, however, the degree of protection of the case will be reduced to IP52. Additionally, a driver version with dimming from 0 to 100% is available (a dimmer is required for operation).

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    PMMA (matte)





    Color, K

    4000, 5000 К


    80 Ra


    not less than IP65


    176-264 V




    from -40 to +40°C


    Model Watts Lumens Dimensions
    350 HM 10 950 150х150х60
    500 HM 18 1 700 220х134х55