ledz e-Hall


The e-Hall decorative LED luminaires in the shape of a circle are used in the design interiors of cottages and apartments, shopping and business centers, show rooms and boutiques, receptions, hotels and other complex projects. The unusual appearance of the luminaires will force visitors to pay attention and highlight your object among other similar ones. We use Italian drivers with a 10-year warranty, LED modules of our own design with high light output and an opal diffuser with high transparency, which together gives a light output of up to 135 lm/W. You can apply any pattern or image to the diffuser, and paint the body in any color, apply decorative films or manually paint with acrylic. The luminaire can be installed on ropes with a spring clip for easy adjustment of the height of the suspension or on surface.

lifetime LM70


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the necessary components and options.

height-adjustable luminaire suspension

ceiling and walls mounted luminaire

paint the luminaires in any color RAL

we cover body with a decorative film

version with adjustable brightness

wired and wireless lighting control

e-Hall decorative LED luminaires are circle-and oval-shaped, the opal diffuser is evenly lit due to the special arrangement of its own LED modules and the sufficient distance from the LEDs to the diffuser. Luminous efficiency of luminaires is up to 135 lm/W. A wide range of diameters and capacities will allow you to accurately choose the perfect option. The luminaire has standard mounts for pendant mounting. In addition, you can purchase a set of suspensions with spring height adjustment.

In addition to the pendant mount, there is also a patch on any flat surface of the ceiling or wall. The housing is standard gray RAL7035. Optionally, we can paint it in any other RAL color, glue it with decorative films with any texture and color, as well as manually paint with acrylic according to your instructions. A professional artist will paint your luminaire the way you want. Additionally, we can apply any pattern or image to the diffuser with UV-inks, film or laser engraving.

The e-Hall LED luminaire in the shape of a circle with uniform illumination is perfect for a shopping center, hotel, business center and other design projects. Designed and made in Belarus
Any color and texture

We can paint the case in any RAL color, cover it with decorative films or manually paint the case with acrylic

Easy installation

The installation of the luminaires is very simple thanks to the pendant mount with adjustable height

Flat diffuser

Flat opal polycarbonate diffuser that eliminates glare and allows a lot of light through

Italian driver

Inside the case, a reliable Italian TCI driver is installed with adjustable power and a 10 year warranty

The e-Hall luminaire contains only premium components: our own LED modules with Samsung or OSRAM LEDs, Italian and German drivers, a polycarbonate diffuser or Novattro polystyrene. LED modules are located inside so that the glow is perceived by the eye as absolutely uniform and bright points and shadows are not visible. No components inside the enclosure are visible through the opal diffuser. Under the order we can make an oval luminaire and any other shape.

A reliable driver ensures the durability and high efficiency of the lighting system. Optionally, you can order a lamp with the possibility of dimming or control according to the DALI protocol. For an additional fee, we can organize the entire control system by setting each luminaire to a specified mode of operation, and they can be controlled from a computer and/or mobile phone. Available with built-in emergency power supply for 1 or 3 hours of operation and motion sensor.

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A



    PMMA (matte)




    suspension, swiveling, overhead

    Color, K

    3000, 4000, 5000 К


    85, 95 Ra


    not less than IP40 or IP65


    198-264 V




    from 0 to +40°C


    Model Watts Lumens Dimensions
    60-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø600х100
    80-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø800х100
    100-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø1000х100
    120-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø1200х100
    140-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø1400х100
    160-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø1600х100
    180-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø1800х100
    200-300 RM 0.0 0 Ø2000х100