ledz e-Glass


Luxury hi-tech ledz e-Glass luminaires emphasize your taste and complement any modern interior with high-quality light. The luminaire can be used in offices, receptions, meeting rooms, luxury rooms. The case of glass and polished steel is made on precision equipment and assembled by hand. Each luminaire has a unique serial number and has a 10 year warranty for all possible types of damage. Inside, only premium components: top-end LEDs, Italian drivers, high-purity aluminum, German heat-resistant shielded conductors. Highest efficiency up to 177 lm/W in ultra-stylish housing. Any options are available: dimmable drivers, different color temperature, color rendering on request, emergency power supply, any color of glass, end caps material from steel to gold.

lifetime LM70


In addition to the basic configuration, you can “assemble” your luminaire: select the necessary components and options.

height-adjustable luminaire suspension

swivel or surface lamp mounting

paint the luminaires in any color RAL

transparent italian power cables and wires

version with adjustable brightness

wired and wireless lighting control

Luxury ledz e-Glass LED luminaires are assembled from premium components: a case made of silicate glass and polished steel, top-level OSRAM LEDs, Italian drivers. The luminaire components are precision engineered and hand crafted to achieve the highest build quality. An opal coating is applied to the glass, which evenly scatters the light from the LEDs and their light points are absolutely invisible through a glass. Pulsation luminous flux totally absent.

The cylindrical shape of the housing allows you to maintain the rigidity and strength of the lamp. Light through the glass is scattered in all directions, which is similar in type to fluorescent lamps. The height of the suspension is regulated by spring clips, and the extra length of the cable is hidden inside the luminaire. The driver is located on the side of the transparent power cable and is easily replaced by removing only one end cover, which is fixed with just two screws.

Premium LEDz e-Glass is suitable for high-end hotel rooms, meeting rooms, executive offices or stylish rooms. Designed in France, manufactured in Belarus
Any colour

We can color the glass and anodize the end caps in any RAL color

Easy installation

The installation of the luminaires is very simple thanks to the pendant mount with adjustable height

Opal diffuser

Opal-coated glass diffuser that eliminates glare and transmits a lot of light

Italian driver

Inside the case, a reliable Italian TCI driver is installed with adjustable power and a 10 year warranty

Transparent cable

Italian cable with transparent insulation in harmony with the glass case

The e-Glass luminaire has the highest optical parameters and durability. Due to the fact that the LEDs have high light output and operate at a reduced current, the glass transmittance exceeds 85% while maintaining the degree of dispersion, and the driver efficiency reaches 93% – the total light output of the lamp at 177 lm/W. The Italian driver has a high resource of over 150,000 hours and a guarantee of 10 years, so we give a guarantee of 10 years for the entire luminaire.

The model was developed in France and made in Belarus. The luminaire has many different options, the number of which is not limited. You can choose any color temperature of the LEDs, color rendition, shade and color of the case, and the material of the end caps can be from steel to gold. The driver can be automatically controlled by the DALI protocol or any other, and on their basis for a fee we can organize a lighting control system for the entire facility.

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    glass and steel


    opal glass


    OSRAM, Samsung


    suspension, swiveling, overhead

    Color, K

    3000, 4000, 5000 К


    85, 95 Ra


    not less than IP42 or IP65


    198-264 V




    from 0 to +40°C


    Model Watts Lumens Dimensions
    60-300 KM 16.6 2 901 605х70х70
    90-300 KM 24.9 4 352 905х70х70
    120-300 KM 33.3 5 802 1205х70х70
    150-300 KM 41.6 7 253 1505х70х70
    180-300 KM 49.9 8 704 1805х70х70
    60-350 KM 19.7 3 385 605х70х70
    90-350 KM 29.6 5 077 905х70х70
    120-350 KM 39.5 6 770 1205х70х70
    150-350 KM 49.4 8 462 1505х70х70
    180-350 KM 59.2 10 154 1805х70х70
    60-390 KM 22.2 3 772 605х70х70
    90-390 KM 33.2 5 657 905х70х70
    120-390 KM 44.3 7 543 1205х70х70
    150-390 KM 55.4 9 492 1505х70х70
    180-390 KM 66.5 11 315 1805х70х70