Step No. 1

Lighting system analysis.

Proposal development

We were invited as experts in the field of lighting to develop a professional technical solution for the new slaughter and processing of bacon pork production using the Danish technology in Baranavichi and implement it in the conditions of parallel construction and design. A special condition was the requirement of the owner to conduct supervision of all technical solutions. The lighting will have to work in conditions of high humidity and with increased demands on the food industry. The task of the owner was to divide the lighting into several levels to save electricity, for this we apply several different models of luminaires of our own production.

Step No. 2

Project economics

Our competitor, the company Kupavna Bel Led, offered one model of the lamp DBO 02 to all the rooms, this did not suit the owner. According to his task, we divided the lighting into parts: LED waterproof ledz e-Slim luminaires were chosen for working lighting, e-Industry for office lighting, and e-Trade for office lighting. More powerful e-Industry luminaires are suspended at a height of 5.0 meters, and the more comfortable to view e-Slim and e-Trade models are at a height of 3.4 meters.

BelDan bought ledz e-Industry, e-Slim and e-Trade LED lamps
Step No. 3

Final project evaluation.

Payback and benefits

Upon customer’s request, we installed OSRAM Duris LEDs for luminaires ledz e-Industry in aluminum cases, and Nichia for lamps with plastic cases. In the main workshops we received illumination of about 500-800 lux, in laboratories – at least 300 lux, in auxiliary premises – at least 200 lux. Our solution was approved by the customer, as the most profitable and fast payback. In addition, during the installation process, our engineers carried out continuous supervision, which made it possible to promptly make changes to the project. We hope that our luminaires will bring great benefits to the client, and we will continue to work on his other objects.


Savings per year




Benefits per year