Step No. 1

Lighting system analysis.

Proposal development

In Brest, another network of food hypermarkets with ecological focus Green is being built. The project required to receive as much illumination as possible at least 1000 lux on the shelves, therefore the trading hall is illuminated simultaneously by linear and track lights. We began to develop an effective technical solution that will have to meet the requirements of the Green network.

Step No. 2

Project economics

At this facility we competed with Belintergra and Technologii Sveta. Representatives of Green strongly recommended Belintergra because they already used it at their facilities, but our offer was more profitable in terms of technical characteristics, payback and price. ledz e-Trade 35 CM var in an aluminum case with IP54 protection is equal in price to a competitor’s lamp in a sheet metal casing and with IP40 protection, so they chose us.

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Step No. 3

Final project evaluation.

Payback and benefits

ledz LED commercial lighting perfectly fit into the concept of lighting the Green network. Our luminaires are technically more durable and economical than other competitors. The full payback period of e-Trade lighting fixtures will be 6.3 months compared to traditional luminescent and 24.3 months compared to LED luminaires Technologii Sveta that were originally in the design. Illumination in our decision turned out to be higher than that of competitors with all other equal costs, so we expect to cooperate with the Green network and on further objects.


Savings per year




Benefits per year