Step No. 1

Lighting system analysis.

Proposal development

Our long-time partner AluminTechno continues to update the lighting system. The next room, in which it was necessary to replace the obsolete lamps HPS 400 W, – the mechanical section of the press room (extrusion). The current illumination did not suit the company’s employees, since it was at the level of 50-100 lux. We were tasked to increase the illumination to 300-400 lux and at the same time to reduce the power of the luminaires.

Step No. 2

Project economics

To increase the illumination by 4 times and at the same time to reduce the power of the lighting system, we used LED ledz e-Industry 109 DL luminaires with Finnish LEDiL optics, which gives concentrated light in the required areas. Fixtures ledz (Minsk, Belarus) were more profitable than LEDEL (Kazan, Tatarstan), which we installed earlier.

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Step No. 3

Final project evaluation.

Payback and benefits

The mechanical section, where previously there was insufficient illumination, has now become the brightest in the whole press room. Payback of the project for 10.4 months also turned out remarkable due to the excellent characteristics of our luminaires. As the planned maintenance is carried out, we will continue to update the lighting system in other areas.


Savings per year




Benefits per year