Step No. 1

Lighting system analysis.

Proposal development

Beltelekabel expands its production and builds a new workshop. For them it was required to find an inexpensive solution for LED lightings, since the project contained fluorescent lamps of the Belintergra brand and they were included in the estimate. Since LED fixtures are usually more expensive than fluorescent, the main task was to try not to deviate significantly from the estimated cost.

Step No. 2

Project economics

In the specification there were different models of luminaires, a significant number of them were occupied by the ledz e-Office 32 gM model. Our specialists have formed the optimal offer, which was cheaper, paid off more quickly and at the same time our luminaires were more durable than the luminaires of the Belarusian manufacturer Belintergra. As a result, the customer chose our ledz luminaires.

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Step No. 3

Final project evaluation.

Payback and benefits

Well-coordinated joint work of our specialists, contractor’s and customer’s employees allowed to get a remarkable result that blended in with the estimated cost of the luminescent luminaires of the Belintergra plant, which indicates their high cost. At the same time, reliable components of our ledz luminaires will serve the customer significantly longer and save a significant part of their energy costs. We look forward to further cooperation and prepare calculations for the existing premises of Beltelekabel.


Savings per year




Benefits per year