Step No. 1

Lighting system analysis.

Proposal development

Nika’s trading network in Vitebsk decided to replace the light fixtures with LEDs in its regular store in Leningradskaya street. The task was complicated by the fact that the ceiling in the store is multilevel with voluminous installations, which are to be transferred to 3D. The professional engineers of our factory solved this problem with the help of the advanced program DiaLux EVO.

Step No. 2

Project economics

The engineers at the factory ledz offered several options for replacement, among them LEDEL (Kazan, Tatarstan) and ledz (Minsk, Belarus). Network management Nika Vitebsk chose LED lights for trade ledz e-Trade 100 CM eco, because this option was more profitable in terms of key indicators: the payback period and investment are less, and the resource of both options is almost the same.

LED lamps for trade ledz e-Trade 100 CM eco more profitable than LEDEL
Step No. 3

Final project evaluation.

Payback and benefits

This project is very attractive, since it pays off already 11.6 months after the installation of LED lamps. We are sure that we have achieved an excellent result thanks to the well-coordinated work of the specialists of the ledz factory and the assistance from the management of the Nika network.


Savings per year




Benefits per year