Frequently Asked Questions


Buying fixtures

Can I buy fixtures for cash?

Unfortunately, you can buy fixtures for cash only after paying our bill in any bank, then you need to bring us a receipt for payment. Please note that banks charge a commission for payment (commission is paid by the buyer).

Can I buy fixtures and pay through the site?

No, you can only order lamps in the Recycle Bin, then you will receive an invoice for the payment to the specified mail. Individuals pay the bill at the nearest bank, and a receipt for payment is brought to our office. Please note that banks charge a commission for payment (commission is paid by the buyer).

Do I need to enter data or bank card numbers?

No, it’s not. To order fixtures, you only need to enter your organization details, a phone number for communication with the manager and details, as well as an e-mail address. We never ask for bank card data, passwords and PIN-codes.

Can I pay the lamps in the currency of my country?

Yes, you can. After completing the order, our manager will contact you and specify in which currency it is convenient for you to pay. We will draw up a contract and send it to you for approval. Once the contract is signed, you can pay.

Can I buy luminaires if I'm not in Belarus?

Yes, you can buy and pay for lamps from any country in the world. We will send the lights in any convenient way around the world, except for these countries: North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Africa, China.

Will I be able to refund VAT when I buy?

Yes, only if you are outside of Belarus. In this case, we conclude a contract with VAT 0%, therefore in the final price of VAT will already be excluded. On our website, prices include VAT 20%. Please note that under the laws of your country you will probably have to pay to the state import VAT. Check with your accountant for this information.

Warranty, return and repair

What is the warranty on the ledz fixtures?

The standard warranty period for ledz fixtures is 3 years from the date of sale. On the fixtures for “project protection” we extend the warranty to 5 years. In addition, you can buy an additional insurance policy for any number of years of warranty (but not more than 10 years of full warranty on the fixture).

What if the luminaire does not work or does not work?

Write us an email with an explanation of the problem (the luminaire is flashing, the light is dim, the part of the luminaire is not shining, the case is very hot, there is a short circuit or write your problem), attach a photo or video with a problem luminaire. Then we will contact you within 24 hours to solve the problem.

Can I return the money if the luminaire fails under warranty?

Under the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, if the luminaire is out of order due to the fault of the manufacturer, you can demand repair or replace it with the same new or similar characteristics as the previous one. If the replaced or repaired luminaire fails again due to the fault of the manufacturer, we can issue a refund, replace it with a new one or repair it at your discretion.

How long will it take to repair the luminaire?

The repair time depends on its complexity and availability of components in the manufacturer’s warehouse. Usually we repair any model within five working days. We can repair the e-Trade and e-Line model on-site if the customer is in Minsk, or within a week, if it is necessary to transfer the luminaire to the manufacturer. In urgent urgent situations, we can carry out paid repairs out of turn already the next day.

Partnership with ledz

I'm a designer (designer, architect or foreman). How do I start working with ledz?

Everything is very simple. First we need to exchange contact information. For this, designers, architects, designers and foremen need to leave their contact details on this page. Distributors of lighting equipment, sales agents and managers of other companies who want to cooperate with us, leave their contact details on this page. Then we will contact you and discuss the terms of cooperation.

How does the partner system work?

For searching for objects and introducing of our products on them, we pay agency fees on official agency contracts. If the work on the implementation of ledz on the object is complete, the customer bought the products of the ledz due to your work with him and this is confirmed by the client, you receive remuneration with a non-cash transfer.

If I already have a job, can I cooperate with you?

Yes, we are expanding the partner network and are looking for agents who have the will and the time to offer our LED lights to their customers and new ones. We do not limit you in time, you do not need to compose for us large and long reports on the work done, we do not require you to be in our office – you should only sell. And nothing more.

What kind of reward will I receive for the client involved?

All awards are individual and depend on your experience and skills, which we assess during the first three months of the trial period. Further, depending on the results of your work, we can change the conditions to better or worse for you or to part with you.

Does the company pay for fuel, telephone, travel?

All of your overhead costs (fuel, car depreciation, telephone, business trips and other expenses) are already included in the percentage of agency fees, so you pay them yourself.