Fire Rated Lighting

Fire Rated Lighting is designed specifically for use in fire-hazardous areas P-IIa and others. The presence of this category implies a positive result when testing the lamp with a gas burner, a hot glass ball, as well as the presence of fire-resistant cables, a metal casing and tempered glass. All these measures are taken in order for the light to work during the evacuation of people. The luminaire will be considered fireproof if it has a fire safety certificate and has passed the tests described above. Our ledz e-Fire LED lamps are equipped with a tempered glass diffuser, a fully metal aluminum housing and fireproof cables, and each model is equipped with metal cable glands and ORTAC pressure compensators. Belarusian fireproof lamps Belintergra have high cost, large weight over 10 kg and weak characteristics, so we do not recommend them. Our fireproof models are more suitable for use, because they are lightweight, fully metallic and have a light output above 120 lumens per Watt. Belarusian manufacture of luminaires ledz produces various models: industrial, street, commercial, office, greenhouse, for farms and others.

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