Designer Lighting

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Designer lighting made of wood, modern, loft style, high-tech, Scandinavian, and also any other under the order. We can make any model according to your sketch, realizing any idea. Our engineers will prepare a lighting calculation, develop and present a 3D model of your room with lighted surfaces so you can see the result. ledz is the first Belarusian manufacturer of wooden LED lamps, as well as models in metal cases with a texture and a pattern of wood to order. Our models are assembled only from reliable components, we do not try to reduce the price of the product, as manufacturers of Chinese lamps do. Inside only brand LEDs OSRAM, Samsung, Edison and drivers Argos, Luxdator, Meanwell. Warranty 5 years for any factory marriage. Specialists ledz quickly eliminate any shortcoming, so that you will not be left without light for one day. LED designer lamps will delight you every day, and the quality of light will raise the productivity of your employees, which is an added benefit for you. Here you can buy wooden designer lighting at a bargain price from the manufacturer and at the same time get an excellent service with a lot of free engineering services.