Would You Buy Such a Street Light?

This video we recorded when we saw a street lamp competitor on the site, where we participated in the tender and lost. On the “hung” hang the model of the Belarusian manufacturer, holding only on the power cable (the bracket broke and the lamp hung on the pillar). We lost because the client only needed a low price and did not take into account other important criteria, such as the hull design, the LED resource, the warranty period of the driver and the test report of the lamp in an independent laboratory.

In the previous article, we proposed to customers to use the simplest formula, which makes it easy to choose the optimal supplier. If the client used this tender in this contest, then another company would definitely have won in the tender, and not necessarily ours. We recommend that the owners of companies, customers, contractors and designers pay attention not only to the price. Of course, you need to compare offers, but when buying a cheap product, there can be consequences. Watch the video…

Approximately 15-20 such street lamps illuminate the adjacent territory near the center of rhythmic gymnastics in Minsk. If the bracket broke at the time of any event, when there are many people there, and at the same time the supply cable broke, the consequences could be sad. The luminaire of this design weighs on average 2-2.5 kg and all other lamps are made using the same technology as the broken one, so the problem will probably be repeated by them.

That is, actually buying the cheapest street light fixtures in the tender, the contractors themselves put a delayed-action mine in the form of the remaining whole 15-20 fixtures that can at any moment break off and fall on the head to visitors or passers-by. Of course, not in all cases we will be able to persuade the competitive commissions to spend more money for the purchase of really durable and reliable lighting, but while the main criterion remains the price, potential accidents will continue to occur.

Street LED lamps ledz e-Road completely exclude such a possibility of breakage from the support even at wind up to 120 km/h. The special construction of the body, consisting of two aluminum profiles, pre-anodized and inserted into each other by special engagement, allows securely fixing the body on a support of any diameter from 48 to 60 mm, with the support need not be round, it can be fixed to a square, a rectangular, triangular or even an oval pipe.

It is also an important advantage that the luminaire can be repaired directly on the support – the kit includes spare sealed terminal blocks, which connects the new driver. The contractor’s organization halves the costs, since with our lamps it is necessary to order the aerial platform only once when repairing (or replacing the luminaire), and in case of working with other suppliers the aerial platform is ordered twice (remove the lamp and send it to the factory, and then hang up a new or refurbished lamp).

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