We Start Production of Unique Fixtures Named ledz in Minsk

LED lighting has recently become popular due to its economy, versatility, the quality of the illumination received and the flexibility to develop new models. LEDs can be placed in any order, configuration and create any design of the case, which attracts many engineers to develop their own sample. The production of LED fixtures has become a popular business since 2007, when the assembly plants Philips, Pracht, Lumo, LEDEL, Ferex, and Lighting Technologies were launched.

They started in full enthusiasm, because the ready-made office LED luminaire cost about $300, consumed 36 watts of power, giving only 2200 lm, which compared to modern models (now the office luminary ledz e-Office 32 gM costs about $35, consumes only 32 watts at light flux of 3600 lumens). The competition in the lighting market is constantly growing, because new production opens, producing very worthy LED fixtures.

According to the basic economic law, with increasing competition, profit is reduced, because of this, it is required to produce a cheaper product and give it out for a quality road. Expensive luminaire differs from cheap primarily filling: LEDs and electronics (driver) – this causes a lot of questions from customers, because the problems usually arise not immediately after the purchase. The client should either know the intricacies of electronics well, or simply trust the reputation of the manufacturer.

Factory of luminaires ledz

produces unique models

at a reasonable price

To achieve this, we have made every effort of our engineers, visited many enterprises for the production of LED luminaires, where they saw how they are collected by professionals. We can easily solve your problems in coverage, because before the development, we conducted a series of surveys to improve existing models, adapting them to the needs of customers. Thus, we have produced a ledz e-Industry luminaire that is suitable for any industrial room of any height.

The second model surpasses the closest analogues with ease of operation, repair, speed of installation and technical characteristics – this is ledz e-Trade. It was developed by the talented engineer Andrey Kolesnikov, who, being the chief designer of the LEDEL plant, came up with many models of LED lighting, among which there are unique street lights Super Street. We have adopted his production experience and implemented at the factory ledz, which allowed us to achieve high performance.

Production of LED lighting in Belarus

Now the first mistakes of many manufacturers of LED fixtures that began to engage in this business in Belarus became obvious. A vivid example of this is the illumination of the Academicheskaya Street and the Blvd. Mulyavin near the Philharmonic, where street light LEDs of one of the Belarusian enterprises are used. Illumination is poor: the unevenness is visible to the unaided eye without a luximeter, the spectrum after a couple of years of operation is distorted towards green, which probably happened because of cheap LEDs.

Obviously, the engineers of this enterprise use the outdated design of sheet metal luminaires. I’ll explain what the designers mistake is. The sheet metal housing forms a closed box, where the LEDs, driver and other elements are placed. The LEDs themselves are not located on the radiator, but on a conventional board, so the heat from them is not actually taken away, and the cabinet as a hotbed accumulates inside this heat and causes the LEDs to overheat even more.

Most often manufacturers of LEDs as a critical temperature are called 80°C. If this temperature is exceeded, the LEDs will begin to lose their light flux (which means that they shine less brightly), their spectrum will change spontaneously, and the manufacturer will take them off the guarantee because of this. Obviously, such a situation is unprofitable for the luminaires manufacturer, since he will have to replace the light-emitting diodes with new ones at his own expense, but in pursuit of a low price, many are taking this risk.

At the ledz factory, engineers know the intricacies of the product and understand why this or that component is needed. We always warn customers who want to save, about the possible further consequences of reducing the cost, but in the serial models we apply only the correct enclosures and limit power, eliminating overheating. For example, the most powerful serial model of the ledz e-Industry with a power of 480 W, half a meter long, dissipates only 60 watts of power. This allows the luminaire to maintain a luminous flux for a long time and prolongs its service life.

The next company in our review produces constructively “unsuccessful” LED luminaires. Among their models there is a DPP 66 Titan. The body is made of sheet metal and because of this, it stores heat well. Engineers, developing this luminaire, decided to limit the power to a maximum of 177 watts. However, this did not protect the LEDs from overheating, since in fact they are located inside the “furnace body”. It’s unlikely that such a lamp will be able to work for a long time: to check you!

The peculiarity of this sample is tempered glass, which is the main requirement when using a luminaire in fire-hazardous premises, supposedly it will allow the luminaire to work in case of fire and will enable people to be saved. In fact, tempered glass will not do any good, but for a lamp with it you overpay doubly! The thing is that the drivers have built-in protection against overheating, so when the hot air rises in the fire, the case will heat up and the lamp will turn off.

Many samples made in such large enterprises with a large number of powerful machines, a huge staff of employees, are too “heaped up”. This can be explained not only by the lack of engineering imagination and the experience of developing truly technological models, but also by the reluctance to create a unique product. Look how the European or American LED luminaires of the leading brands look and you will immediately feel the difference in form, style, build quality and other important trivia.

We do not dissuade from buying these lighting “transformers”, because if you need to buy – buy! Think only of the fact that out of 100 rubles for this lamp 30 you give for inefficient management and personnel policy, in addition, there is a meaningless increase in the cost of the final product, connected with the purchase of unnecessary equipment. For example, now an unnecessary purchase can be considered equipment for the manufacture of sheet metal enclosures for industrial lighting, because there are aluminum.

Let’s consider the most “pop” LED light. Only a lazy manufacturer does not use these aluminum enclosures in their luminaires, since they are sold in virtually any company that sells components for building fixtures. Such cases are rather expensive, the metal is placed in an inefficient way and the shape does not allow enough heat to be removed from the LEDs, and their purchase is most often connected with the lack of funds for the development of its normal case.

We met models in these buildings under the names ES-PROM, A-LED.PROM and others. The body of claims is no more, except for the above. There are only claims to the quality of the assembly: there is no thermal paste (it would allow the LEDs to cool more intensively), there is no desiccant inside the case (if moisture gets inside due to pressure drops, the desiccant sucks it, keeping the luminaire working), there is no pressure equalization valve to equalize the pressure inside and outside the housing).

Recently, the client showed us the LED modules from such a luminaire. In their appearance, they are out of order due to overheating. We will not give a photo of this lamp because half of the market of handicraft manufacturers use just such cases – you will surely recognize them. Since the LED module is statistically the most reliable element of the luminaire, and even it has failed, the longevity of such luminaires simply does not make sense. We do not recommend buying them, unless you are ready to change them under warranty every month.

ledz LED luminaires have all the important components necessary to achieve a long life. Thermal grease is used in every fixture, except for office fixtures, because low-power LEDs are installed in them. ORTAC pressure equalization valves are installed in the ledz e-Street luminaires. In the ledz e-Road, the valve is not used, since it has an open housing for effective cooling. Elements in it are protected from moisture by means of hermetic terminal blocks and other components.

We hope that some details of lighting equipment are available. We expressed our own opinion, which you can disagree with, but we recommend that you only apply to professionals. Choose only luminaires in solid or die-cast aluminum housings. Pay attention to the brand of the driver, LEDs, and you are most likely to buy a good equipment or trust the replacement of lighting to us, then you will surely get a decent result!

Good fixtures

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