Outdoor LED Luminaires with Automatics by ledz Manufacture

Street lighting is an integral part of the night city, and road street lighting creates a safe motorway environment, and in some cases it is impossible to do without. The length of illuminated roads, streets and avenues, even in a small-sized Belarus, is simply huge, so the amount of street lighting is also great, and saving energy even at a modest 1% per year is equal to a very large amount of money. For this economy, now begins the race of manufacturers of LED street luminaires.

The customer’s benefit when choosing automated LED fixtures is obvious. Unlike usual, fixtures with automatics allow you to set the on and off time, smoothly turn on and set any power level at any time of any day. The luminaire with control will take into account the summer time and will determine the time of twilight for even greater savings. To compensate for the decrease in the light flux of LEDs, the luminaire itself will gradually adjust the power gradually, so that its brightness is always the same.

We, as a Belarusian manufacturer of professional lighting, accepted the challenge of the time and developed a luminaire that surpasses all Belarusian street lights with automatics in many ways – ledz e-Road DL auto. Of course this is so, because e-Road is a good and inexpensive street light, which you can program to work in any mode, in any conditions, on any road or facility. Simple and reliable luminaire e-Road is completely repairable, and it takes quite a couple of minutes to replace its driver.

The factory ledz has developed

fully automatic

LED Street Luminaire

The operation scheme of the automation of the e-Road model is very simple. The lights are pre-programmed at the factory at the customer’s designated operating mode, and after installing the luminaires, you include them in the first three days at a certain time, so that they tune into your time zone. Then the automatics will control the lights without your participation. Also, we can provide for the possibility of adjusting the luminaires without their dismantling.

In this case you will get the opportunity to invite our specialist and without sending the luminaire to the factory to change the existing mode of their work. You can also install a GSM-modem that allows you to control lights at a distance using a special program, changing their programmed operating mode. This function is useful when the controller is located at a great distance from the lamps themselves. In addition, it will allow you to track down failed fixtures and quickly repair them.

To program the lights, you choose the on / off time, how smoothly it should turn on (for example, in the summer the light switches on from 0 to 100% of capacity from 19:00 to 22:00, and turns off from 100 to 0% from 04:00 to 06:00, you can specify any mode at any time), daylight saving time and other details. When ordering, we ask the customers to fill out our questionnaire with a description of the required operating mode. In addition to the auto model, we also produce online operating lights.

ledz Street Luminaires with Online Control

Console LED luminaires with control in Belarus are produced only by a couple of manufacturing companies. All their models have a traditional design for such luminaires: a sealed cast or drawn aluminum casing with a conventional driver inside. Often they consist of many separate elements, which only complicate and weight the luminaire. This extra part of the metal is completely useless, because it does not give any advantages in cooling and light output – it’s just a heavy and expensive light.

Some unsuccessful luminaires with a power of 250 W weigh even 14.5 kg, for comparison, our ledz e-Road 206 DL luminaires with a power of 206 W weigh just 4.4 kg. Why should you overpay for the shortcomings of inept designers – choose the optimal and worthy ledz luminaires! In addition, we will set up our lights free of charge for free as you need it. The standard programmed controller allows you to fully control the power of the luminaire at any time without requiring maintenance and adjustment.

We offer more demanding customers different options for servicing: the luminaires can be programmed in the factory or we can give access to the configuration to the client with a sufficient number of luminaires, the light and / or motion sensors can be integrated into the general lighting control system, each luminaire can be wired or LED controller in online mode with the help of special software, called as ASUNO.

e-Road lights can be integrated into an existing outdoor lighting control system, which is convenient when upgrading the lighting system. If the control system is created from scratch, we can offer a turnkey control system based on German components with data transmission via GSM. Installation of the entire system, taking into account street lights and the outdoor lighting control cabinet, together with the adjustment, can be performed by employees of our company or our partners.

From the point of view of economy, fixtures with automatics certainly benefit from fixtures without automatics. If you calculate the payback period of the project, in both cases it will be almost the same, since a luminaire with automation saves more money for a year and at the same time costs a little more. Here we recommend to pay attention to the design and advantages of the luminaire itself, because the subsequent operating costs directly depend on the longevity of lights.

When designing an individual lighting control system, thanks to the flexibility of the ledz equipment, you can set us absolutely any tasks. Various control protocols are available for selection: PWM, 1…10 V, DALI, knx, ZigBee, PLC and others. For example, the PLC protocol allows the signal from the controller to be transmitted to the luminaire via a 230/400 V power line. This gives a huge advantage with the existing power network, since it is not necessary to lay control cables.

More details on communication protocols for lighting systems management will be covered in our next article. From ourselves, we recommend choosing a manufacturer to pay attention not only to the price, but to the reputation of the brand and the statistics of outages. In many cases, at a low price, low quality components are hidden, which obviously will be less durable and with less energy-efficient characteristics. So you will overpay in the future significantly more than you would pay immediately.

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