LED Street Luminaires ledz e-Road for Any Road from G2 to M8

e-Road is a new idea in street lighting. A luminaire that fully meets the requirements of operating organizations. It is most convenient to install and maintain, and it can be repaired directly on the support. I think these are the first street luminaires in the CIS!

Artur Lialiuha

Street luminaires in the city you can distinguish from any others in their unpleasant yellow light. Under their light, everything around seems impersonal, discolored, and dim. The details merge together and the silhouettes of people are barely discernible on poorly lit pedestrian crossings. The HPS lamps shine like that, sodium additives give the lamp a yellow shade of light. Despite its shortcomings, HPS lamps have begun to be universally applied only because of their cost-effectiveness.

These lamps have many other drawbacks, but at one time they are very spread all over the world and have traditionally been used in street, road and architectural lighting. In addition to the yellow HPS lamps, MVL lamps (or their modification of the DRI) are also used. They shine with white light, have improved color rendition. The resource of these gas-discharge lamps is less, they are more expensive and less energy-efficient, so they are used less often.

In place of outdated street luminaires now came the LED console (or cantilevered) luminaires, which by all parameters exceed the existing traditional lamps, even at the price of some of our models are exactly the same. The important advantages that street light-emitting diode luminaires give today are first of all economy, durability and correct color rendering, which improves visibility on the road and reduces the number of accidents.

ledz factory produces

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When developing a street LED luminaire, we first of all took into account the wishes of the operating organizations (Gorsvet and wiring organizations). For them, it is important that the luminaire does not work out of service for as long as possible, because to replace it requires an aerial platform and the time of a pair of employees. It was also desirable to create a street luminaire that could be easily installed and removed, and also without special skills and knowledge, to quickly repair the lamp directly on the support.

LED street fixture ledz e-Road DL are designed for mounting on supports with a height of 4 to 12 meters. The cantilever supports any pipe diameter up to 60 mm and makes it easy to install the luminaire by loosening four M8 bolts and connecting the supply cable to the sealed lead. Thanks to these successful design solutions, one electrical installer can install the luminaire on the support in just a couple of minutes. This is undoubtedly a record speed and a great advantage for wiring organizations.

Ordinary luminaires should be removed first, then sent to the plant, waiting for its repair, getting it back and hanging it on the support. As a result, when the luminaire breaks, you need to double-order the aerial platform, hire two electricians for replacement and pay for each spoiled lamp for half an hour of their working time. We add here the average cost of renting an autotowers $40 per hour of rent plus gasoline, since the lamp can break for 100-150 km from the nearest base, and as a result we will receive a large sum of money.

In our e-Road luminaire, the percentage of outages is minimal, since we only use sealed drivers with IP67 protection, which are also protected against overvoltages, short-term pulses, overheating and galvanic isolation. Thanks to the open housing, the aluminum profile is reliably cooled, removing all heat from the LEDs and driver, which operate in a very comfortable temperature mode and have an extended lifetime of more than 70,000 hours, with all important components having IP66 protection.

The luminaire housing allows repair and replacement of components in 5 minutes directly on the support due to the open structure. Sealed terminals are filled with an insulating hydrophobic gel and connect the driver to the LEDs, preventing moisture from contacting the contacts. To replace the driver, it is enough to remove the plastic top cover manually, disconnect it from the heat-insulating plate, disconnect it from the LEDs and the network cable, and then connect the new driver in reverse order. On a full replacement will take no more than 5 minutes.

Many customers do not take into account further operational costs when buying, choosing cheaper fixtures, and only after purchase are usually disappointed in their choice. ledz e-Road DL is the right choice. It eliminates all the disadvantages of competitors’ luminaires and there are a lot of advantages that are beneficial to operating organizations, contractors, end customers and distributors. Summarize the benefits that you will receive after buying our luminaires:

  • e-Road luminaire light and at the same time very strong (at a power of 206 W weighs only 4.4 kg);
  • installation takes only a couple of minutes for one electrician;
  • any repair of the lamp directly on the support for 5 minutes;
  • any form of the light-intensity curve is available, a variety of optics of the Finnish brand LEDiL allows the use of lighting fixtures on roads of any category from G2 to M8;
  • apply drivers of known brands and only with built-in self-healing surge and pulse protection, galvanic isolation and protection IP67;
  • production is located in Minsk, so we will promptly replace and / or repair any luminaire.

Street luminaires e-Road to date, replace any other similar LED lights. The price from the manufacturer makes them very attractive, as many dealers offer you fixtures of foreign manufacture, in the price of which long-distance transportation is included and an additional margin for guarantee returns is included. We ourselves produce luminaires and always keep in stock a component base for the urgent manufacture of fixtures and prompt warranty service.

Start working with us, and we will perform lighting calculations for you, we will offer several options for arranging lamps to choose from and submit samples for testing. For free! The specialists of our group of companies Elredy, carried out many projects that were implemented impeccably and on time. All our clients recommend us to their partners as responsible lighting specialists. With pleasure we will help you to choose the right fixtures that will benefit you!

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